Synthol Pics (Disgusting)

Some pics of people who do synthol. look at the shape of them especially the skinny 16 year olds

I’m not too familiar with that substance, how dangerouse is it to you body compared to other steroids?

Nasty Pics… thats just wrong.

it was actually me who posted this thread!! ahha my browser logged me in as superscience because he was logged in at my house one time.

Disgusitng people in those pics

God, it’s like a train wreck. Just…have to…keep…looking…

People are really fucking stupid.


How is there not one picture of Gregg Valentino in there?

And…to the kid who was asking: synthol is not a steroid. It is a synthetic fat (basically)that gets shot directly into the muscle, giving it the freakishly large, disproportionate, and mis-shapen look that you see in these photos. Stupidly enough, this stuff is actually 100% legal; you can buy it off the internet, while AAS is, of course, the Devil’s Piss.

How does that effect their strength? I would think they would be weak as hell.

LMAO!!! You know what’ll be even worse? Female Bodybuilders that use synthol (not that I know any).

the first pic is the best, what a couple of tools. I love it when they can’t even make the ridiculous bulge appear where the muscle is to begin with, that’s priceless.

thats just gross

Here’s one of Greg Valentino. According to him, it was an abscess.



Don’t forget about the idiot who started it all:

Pic #7 - DIY implants!!! LMFAO!!


Notice also, in picture #11, we have Mr. Biceps-Triceps-Blue-Tank-Top-and-White-Pants obviously trying to draw attention to himself, and of all the babes around, NOT ONE OF THEM IS LOOKING AT HIM, even though I bet he thinks they are. Freakin’ tard!

Those are cool pics.


Absolutely HORRID!

For years bodybuilders have been accused of being ego driven, vain, narcissitic etc. suffering the most intense form of body dysmorphic ideation.

Then this S**t! comes along and these guys who actually think anyone likes the way they look it’s a pathetic joke.

How dysmorphic do you have to be to think shooting oil into your body till it swells to grotesque mishapen unearthly bubbles beneath your flesh and then in the most self serving move of all have photos taken of your self with a big S**t eating grin on your face just knowing every guy envies you and every woman wants you.

Excuse me while I state the obvious.

  1. It’s Ugly!
  2. It looks fake!
  3. It’s dangerous (can you say embolism)
  4. It is always obvious!

This hurts Bodybuilding far more than a Pro stepping on stage at damn near 300 lbs cut with hints of GH use.

fuck ups

I just got a bottle of synthol, can I inject them to make my dick look bigger?