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Synthol Beginner

Hey brothers, I was looking to stretch out some fascia on my arms. They’re my most lacking body part and I want to catch them up to the rest of my physique. They only get to a certain size and then just stay there, they continue to get stronger but won’t grow. I can curl 60lbs clean but my arms are only 16”.

What my question is, is everywhere I see the “recipe” for bigger arms all I ever see is “the 30 day regimen, 3” to your arms in 30 days”. Well I don’t want to gain 3” to my arms, I want maybe 1.5 or 2 all around so I was looking for some advice on a different route. Maybe just do it for 2 weeks? Or less amount for 30 days? Like maybe just 1ml per head per day instead of the 1ml for 10 days then 2ml for 10 days and then 3ml for 10 days. What if I just go with 1ml a day for 30 days? Is that a decent idea?

Seems pretty stupid. If you’re going to go that route just get implants and be done with it. With synthol you have to worry about swelling, redness, infection, abessess, the list goes on. I’m pretty sure you’d have to constantly inject that shit somewhat often to keep your new 17.5 inch arms. You’d have to pray eventually that shit doesn’t catch up to you and you lose your whole arm.

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Is there a synthol community here that I don’t know about? Nothing you said is a decent idea. Nothing you’ve suggested will get your arms to be where you want them, because pumping oil into your arms doesn’t make them bigger, it just makes your arms have oil in them. If you really wanted a solid plan, you’d realize that you can pump up your brain and become a smarter person, so just jab that needle right into your eye until you can’t push it any further and slam that plunger home.


Guys, looking for opinions. I am considering taping the corpses of shaved hamsters to my triceps to make my arms appear exactly 2 inches fuller. This is a pretty good idea, is it not?


Hamster approved programs only! :slight_smile:

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Head over to Professional Muscle. They are pretty big fans of synthol products over there. I’m familiar with the protocol you listed. According to their guru Big A its the most effective protocol. I suppose when you reach the desired size you can just head to his maintenance dose protocol. Regardless I think these things are reserved for elite BB looking to fill lagging areas for a show. If you increase your arm size by 1.5" your forearms etc are going to look out of proportion. Its probably a bad idea just from the look of things let alone the risk of infection etc.

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Per arm or together?

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some reason this came to mind…

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Well seems like a few of you are complete fuckin goofs so thanks for that. And those of you who know what it’s actually meant for know that the oil stretches out the fascia of your muscle which in turns gives your muscle fibres
room you expand and fill out that space and then once the oil dissipates you’re muscles will have broken that plateau and filled in those areas that the fascia were stretched out for those few months. I don’t want oil filled arms you fuckin turds.

Great theory. Complete nonsense, but interesting to know what kind of bro-science crap is behind the fascination.

Have you tried FST-7?

Also, you mention biceps curls (didn’t answer my question btw) but you didn’t mention anything about triceps. Triceps are like 2/3 the muscle in your arms, and if you want 18" pythons you need to train your triceps hard and heavy. FWIW, 60 lbs for one rep isn’t going to do much to add bulk to your biceps.

I feel like you probably have a lot of other things you could try before following in the footsteps of Gregg Valentino.


So your theory is that the oil stretches the fascia so that the muscle can grow. Which means you believe the muscle is not growing because the fascia is holding it back? Based on this you’ll use the oil and when it’s gone, you’ll magically grow the muscle that you’re not growing now? Let me think about that…

This is what I look like right now but keep in mind that’s me with an arm pump

Well I can curl 60s for 6 each arm, (sorry I didn’t see your question) and my triceps actually grow pretty well, it’s my biceps that don’t keep up very well. If I’m lean I look proportionate, but when I bulk my biceps don’t keep
up with the pace of everything else growing. But at the same time even when I’m bulky and watery my arms are still rock hard, they don’t retain any water or fat which is good and bad I guess depending on how you look at it.

Looking good man. The theory you mention regarding fascia stretching is touted by big A. I’m not sure I buy that it recruits new muscle fibres but there is something to be said about stretching the fascia. From what I’ve read the majority of the new growth is from the inflammation and it doesn’t stick. You see a lot of hate regarding this topic obviously. My arms need serious size as well, I’m only 16.75" and the rest of my body is far superior in size. I just don’t think this is the solution but I would be interested if you started a log to see your results.

This is the answer to your problem. Are you training for strength or size? Pick one and your goals will be easier accomplished IMO rather then trying to do both

On a side note I wonder what a little synthol would do for the ol pecker wrecker :thinking:

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This is was in the news a little bit ago. Apparently Brazil (IIRC) has a problem with men shooting their dicks with filler oil. Not too much of a problem there. The problem is that sterility is not being maintained and has resulted in quite a few amputations. That would definitely ruin your day.

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I’m training for size, I was just referencing that even though my arms are small the strength on them increases and I can curl 60s even tho my arms don’t look like they should be able to. And as for the fascia stretch thing, the
oil stays in your arms 5-6 months which gives your fibres time to expand and actually grow and fill up that fascia that is stretched out for those 5-6 months. But yeah I was just toying with the idea because I know a lot of athletes use it to fill out lacking
body parts if all else fails which is what I was wanting. Like I said I’m not trying to become hulk hogan, I just want to look proportionate, like girls when they get lip fillers when they have skinny lips, nothing drastic, just a touch up ya know?

All this kid wanted to do was stretch his fascia too.

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Can you post a front double biceps pose picture? It would give us a better idea of what you’re saying arms wise. Your biceps look decently full in that picture. You may just have long muscle bellies (like a football) and might not have the genetics for really peaked biceps (like a softball).