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Synthol Arms

What’s the name of that bodybuilder who injected synthol into his arms until they were something ridiculous like 30 inches? He has a website but I can’t remember the name of it. Does anyone else?

bicepmania.net name is Greg Valentino… compare his early pics to the clown he looks like today. sad…

I think it’s Greg Valentino. I know his last name, but not sure about his first.

HAHAHAHA that’s freakin hilarious

ummmm…i don’t get it.

  1. what do you do to make something that site specific happen? and

  2. why on earth would someone do that to themselves?

I think that idiot was in the last Dead Pool at t-mag.

That’s fucking disgusting.

What an f*ing idiot. I have to admit, though, that I hope he does his other bodyparts as well. Hey, as long as you are going to destroy yourself for the amusement of others, go all the way. The saddest part is, he looked pretty good in the before pictures. Does anyone know if this is reversible?

Those are the most disgusting set of arms I have ever seen except, perhaps, on the Fat Lady at the circus. That guy needs some serious psychotherapy.

THAT IS CRAZY!!! That has got to burn! How can you do any kind of pump inducing bicep work with that much crap injected? I can see the newspapers now, “Bicep Freaks Arms Explode at Local Gym!” He is like a comic figure, BICEPMAN!!! He looks like a freak!

The hilarious thing is that his good friend Bob Bonham told me at the Olympia that Greg doesn’t have any Synthol in his arms - it’s all from site-injecting run-of-the-mill roids. I said sure Bob, and has anyone broke the news to you yet about Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny? If anyone could use some quick arm size, it’s me, but I’ll eat a 55-gallon barrel of shit before I would ever mess with Synthol.

I saw this dimwit in some mag before. Now that I see the before pictures it’s truely sad. Hope this dingus doesn’t get anything that can inlarge his wanger. :slight_smile:

There’s probably a way to get that shit surgically removed, although his arms would be totally lopsided since the outcomes of the procedure are unpredictable.

that is the most disgusting and disturbing thing I have seen in a long while. I mean, ok, if his arms were symmetrical and in proportion to the rest of his body it may be believable…wait, what am I saying? And this guy has kids?!!

hahaha… man, that was some funny shit.

that guy, oh man…


I want to put this guy into a circus side show and charge 2 bits a gander. What is sad though is that I can already hear some tubby saying how he doesn’t want to get all big and freakish liek this guy and therefore will never lift weights. Some bodybuilders need to be decapitated.

It is even worse than I thought. I saw his photo in a magazine a year ago and thought his arms looked gross, but NOW it is even worse. I didn’t think it was possible, but check it out. www.bicepmania.net/


Its beyond funny, its very sad.. this guy has really Fux0rd himself, its amazing what insecurity can make you do, its a parallel to anorexia methinks.

When psychologist describe muscle dismorphia (reverse anorexia), they are not referring to us. They are talking about this guy. I feel sorry for him. What kind of mental state do you have to be in to disfigure your body to this extent?

How does Synthol work? Does it wear off like Esiclene?