Synthetic or Bio-Identical Testosterone

Is T. Cypionate picked up at say CVS in a 10ml vial made by Sun Pharma the same as T.cypionate purchased at a hormone replacement center or pharmacy? Are the pharmokenetics equal? Are they both bio-identical? It is my understanding that T Cyp is synthetic in all forms but is used in our body as bio-identical when broken down.

I have found providers want you to use their syringes pre filled to make more money or use a specific pharmacy for monetary gains when most can purchase at local pharmacy for a cheaper price.

Same stuff. Get whatever is most cost effective.

Probably why I’ll never go legit TRT. Why spend $150/month for 200mg or less per week of test when I can get a vial that would last me 3 months at the same dosage for $35? Legal issues aside, the price these clinic charge is insane.

Testosterone is testosterone is testosterone. The cypionate or enanthate or propionate is just the ester. Once the ester is broken off the testosterone molecule then our bodies can not tell the difference between synthetic or natural testosterone, even drug tests can not tell the difference between synthetic or natural testosterone molecules.
So to directly answer your question of is the test cyp the same from two different sources, as long as it is actually test cyp and not a substitute like test enanthate in its place then it is the same. Now if the UGL got it’s raw powder from a bad source there might be some extra contaminants in there but the actual test cyp molecule would still be the same. As far as our bodies noticing a difference between natural or synthetic, as far as I understand they can not.

As stated by veteq and blshaw, the end result of this game is still just “how much raw testosterone does this get me.” So why pay more? When comparing test enanthate to test cypionate there is actually 1 more mg of raw test in 100 mgs of test enanthate vs cypionate. Really 1 mg doesn’t equate to much of anything but still technically if the vials are the same price and the same concentration then the enanthate gets you just a lil more raw test in the end.