Syntha-6 and Soy

So after reading the latest soy article, I looked at the back of some syntha 6 protein that I have. It lists the different types of proteins in it and in all of the types it lists, it lists (Milk and Soy) afterwards, meaning the proteins were derived from milk and soy. Does this mean this protein is virtually garbage? The article said that soy contained a chemical that didn’t allow the body to process proteins.

I have some as well, it says “natural and artificial flavors (milk and soy)”. It’s about 2/3 down the list of ingredients meaning it’s not a main ingredient in the mixture.

It doesn’t have actual soy for a protein source so i wouldn’t worry about it.

ultimately yes its shit protein. The cows they get the protein from and its introduction of all the fillers that company in particular adds to their products means you are not only consuming a “toxic” product but that you are also wasting your money. IMO

soy has phytates that restrict you from absorbing nutrients in general.

unfermented soy that is.