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syntex masteron

Just picked up my next lot of gear to be started 29th Nov and the drostanolone (Masteron) comes in boxes of 2 100mg/2ml amps I think its Dutch with the Syntex brand on the box. I’ve got a feeling it might be counterfiet as all the theads on Masteron say its hard to get and expensive, anyone ever come across this. BTW I’m in the UK.

as far as i know masteron hasnt been produced in years.

99.9% fake, I would say.

Masteron is being produced, but i think it is only by ug labs. I don’t think that any “real” companies are making it. Good luck let us know on the results, for i was comtemplating using it.

Doesn’t trenfactor make masteron? Is it fake?

tranfactors is quite legit… thats because he is an “ug”… exactly what was just said. Your masteron is fake bro, those two amp boxes can go for 40 dollars a piece. Just stick with TF.

SQUATTY RULES :slight_smile:

Cheers lads, my source has tried it as have a couple of others and the quote that came out of it was “you’ll know your on this” & “watch your blood pressure” sounds trenlike to me…paid ?4.50 - 100mg/2ml. I’ll report back in a month…if I’m still alive!!