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Synovex to Test Enth

Is it possible to convert syno to test enthanate?


You can get test prop


just test base no ester

Your trying to change esters and that’s not going to happen.When you convert synovex, you get rid of ther binders( and other shit) anyhow, your left with raw hormone. Test prop. It is not possible. Good question though brother. If I find out more I will slide you more info.


If you look at the box that the synovex-h comes in - you will notice that it says 200mg test prop/ 20 mg estradiol(or something like that).

All the conversion does id filter out the binders and the estradiol giving you testosterone propionate.

There is a method by which you can strip the ester from the test goving you test-no ester.

But the process of esterfying testosterone is a job for real chemists.

It is not impossible to do, but I can promise you that you don’t have the equipment to pull that particular operation off.

I asked the same question when I was starting out - welcome to the club.

Always bringing knowledge to the table there rainjack. Lots to learn from this guy fellas. Bumpin rainjack for a good bro.


Thank you, guys.