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Synovex Test Prop into Oil


I've heard of others not drying their powder long enough, and it causes the oil to appear cloudy, gel-like, or just not dissolving well. My trials for example on a 1 bottle ratio:
-1 g powder , 2ml BB, .5ml BA, and 7.5ml oil, in vial
-using a pot/pan to heat oil upto 110-115 C, adding my vial with solution (vented) & gradually rising the heat upto a stabil level of 130C
-i've let this heat for various times just trying to get my solution as clear and as dissolved as possible
-normally i would preceed to draw solution out of vial and place in syringe, add my .22 syringe filter & put into another vial.

This is my 1st time making prop from synovex. I have made from pre-made powders before though and never had this type of problem. My solution seems to clear significantly, but not turn completely clear. It seems to have small pcs still floating, but just sparingly and it stays that way when cooled. It doesn't look at all like the powder does when first mixed with the oil, while still cool and it's not a 1/10 as abundant. It seems to kinda look like very tiny gelly snowflakes, that look flat but appear opaque colored and soft looking.

I'm worried this contains some of my desired prop and it scares me to filter it yet because if it is my prop and I can see it undissolved, then of course the filter would catch it and id be left with plain ole oil only. If it's the binders/fillers from the original pellets that were left over, and I didn't just wash with enough water then my syringe filter should just catch them. Like I said they aren't abundant, just sparingly. It could also be some estrogen that I wasn't able to remove when washing with my distilled water.

**I just want to make sure its not prop, which should be dissolved/melted right between 118C-123C and unseen. Id just like to have a good idea or know for sure what this could be before moving on. I really don't think it's water, as the powder /crystals were baked at 170 for 3 hrs then set for an additional 3 days to ensure drying. Please any input appreciated or any similar situations people have had with this kind've thing.


Even after you wash your powder with distilled water you are still going to have some particles in it. I had the same problem once and thought it might be water or undesolved tren so I tried heating, adding more solvents, and this was after filtering. It turns out I was putting too much pressure on the Whatman and it tore the filter membrane. I just had to refilter it and it was fine. It was just particles.

You have used enough solvents to disolve a gram, and heat which should have dissolved the prop, but it didn't, so you probably just have some foriegn matter in their. Besides, even it it was prop crystals, you wouldn't be losing enough from what you have described to make much of a difference as far as concentration. Maybe 10mgs? 20mgs? Not even enough to worry about.

BTW, you know the BA and BB are going to evaporate first when you heat it right?


Thanks, I just wanted to make sure. I finally stumbled across some reading that said when heating the powder in the oil, when the melting point of the prop is reached, if your solvents are correct the hormone will stay suspended in the oil, even after cooling, or this is the goal. This was my 1st conversion and all of it went great, and being a chem major halfway to my bachelor's, I thought the process of achieving the powder and having it dry was really pretty easy and straight forward. All my troubles have came making my powder/crystals into an injectable form. I thought this was the easiest part, and for me personally, boy was I wrong..lol.

Will all of your ba and bb evaporate when you heat? The guidelines I had used always listed mixing both in with your powder and then putting your oil in and heating. Then filter for your final solution. Should I heat my oil & powder to my desired m.p. temp then add my ba/bb and filter? Or should I heat my oil/powder, filter, then add my ba/bb at the end into my vial with my solution?

I apologize for the questions. I 90% of my research time into the conversion process, thinking the final steps to making into injectable oil was fairly simple and I've been stunned at the problems I've had with it.

** Another thing-- the filters I ordered were .2micron whatman. Thought they were gd/x but the lady said since my shipment was delayed, they upgraded them to a higher price filter. But didn't say what the upgrade was.
I know the filter material was partly pvdf as thats what they say on the actual filter. I also know to be very patient with them, as not to burst them, but trying to filter last night was unbelievably difficult. It took basically all my body weight of force to filter any amount of oil. I was having to press so hard just to get 2 or 3 small drips at a drip every 5 seconds or so, my fingers, palms, and hands today are killing me! THat was all just to obtain 20mL 's in a 3-4 hour time frame. I tried everything. Using a new filter after 10mL 's, backloading syringe, not backloading and putting on after drawing fluid, prefiltering my oil b4 mixing, prefiltering my heated powder/oil/solvents solution twice with coffee filter material, to no avail. Idk what is wrong unless the filter media isn't right for an oil solution. I expected it to be fairly slow and clog when full, but not 8ml to a 25mm filter, and not at least being able to filter 10mL in 10 minutes or somehting. I could've lived with that, but 30 mins a mL and all my might to even drip? I know something isn't right. Whatman's website says rate of flow should be around 50-60mL's per 60 seconds. I don't have the time or energy to set for 24 straight hours, pressing with all my force to only obtain 50mLs. Can you help me here?


I have been experimenting with solvent ratios and the last conversion I did was the best, I used 2%BA, 6%BB, and 12% EO, and it was easier (but not easy) to filter and shots were painless.

You dont actually need to heat the mixture at all, the only reason I did it for that one particular conversion was to try to dissolve what I thought were prop crystals. Heating it does make it more viscous for filtering purposes, but you don't need to heat it for sterility, the filter will take care of that.

Will all BA/BB evaporate when you heat it? Depends how long you heat it and to what temp, it's the same process as distilling liqour where you boil a fermented mash and the alcohol boils off first and then collected. As long as you are using sterile filters and the vial you are storing it in is sterile, you are probably fine.

Filtering prop and tren can be as tough as you described. After dissolving the synovex in HEET did you do any filtering before adding water, this is where you would use the coffee filter? You could try using filters with a larger pore size (not a coffee filter) before a final filter with the .2 micron. Filtering twice sounds like a pain in the ass, but can be quicker and easier in the long run. Sounds like you still have a lot of binders and glue in your solution.

I have noticed filters clog the worst when filtering tren, the membrane turns a yellow-brownish color.


I did make sure to filter after adding my heat and letting set the time needed with a coffee filter. Then after adding my estro solub. I filtered several more times then washed with distilled H2O. I theorized I just didn't use enough water when I was washing the crystals right before preparing them to dry. I just tried to keep my oil hot while running through my syringe filter because many ppl said it would make life alot easier.

I honestly believe I was just sent the wrong syringe filters by the company I ordered from. After looking over various sites I haven't seen one that had the exact same writing as the ones I received. All they had on them was .2 micron and PVDF. I tried to see what the "kit" places were selling with their kits and they are whatman gd/x , but they say the micron sz. ; PVDF ; and PP after the PVDF and look like they have 5 times the depth as the ones I recieved, which were hardly no thicker than a quarter, but were .2. Surely just because it's a .2 doesn't mean it should be 5 times thinner than a .45. From what I've researched, nylon membrane filters do the best with oily solutions.

So i'm just going ahead and order a couple of whatman "autovial 12" .45 filters that are built into a unit made specifically for filtering and one .45 "GD/X". I haven't made tren yet, but once I get this completely down pat I"m going to try it out as well. But these are the filters being sold to make tren from fina and ppl are giving excellent reviews on how much success and the ease of use they are having with them. I wouldn't think tren would be that much thinner, if any, than test prop especially using g.s.o. with both. One of these 2 diff types of filters I'm ordering surely has a descently fast rate of flow. As long as I can get 50mLs per hour or two...lol... I can be satisfied. I will keep posted on the rate I was able to filter with the Nylon Autovial system and the GD/X filter so everyone will know for sure and not end up just ordering any ole .2 or .45 filter that won't filter the solution at an acceptable rate. Hope they ship out pretty quickly, transit time is only 2 days where I live to their location so hope theyre on the ball right now and not backed up.


Whatman's Autovial system made things 50 times better! I used the 12ml model, with nylon membrane and started with a .45 and finished with a .22. The other syringe filters I used were flat out miserable! I'll definately never use any other type of filter than the autovial. Idk about the other membranes like pvdf or glass microfiber in either .45 or .22, but even using the .45 nylon by itself produced a perfectly crystal clear solution after 2 times of filtering the solution.

Twice wasn't bad when you can run 12mls through this baby in under 5 minutes, not hours!! I still used a caulk gun so I wouldn't have to hold everything constantly,but really the only thing you have to worry about is pushing your plunger down a little too far or it will break the crosshairs that hold the filter in place. From now on i'll only be using these for my smaller solutions and now that i've got a really good routine in place with great results, I'm going to go ahead and buy a nalgene 150ml vacuum filter unit and a handheld, guaged pump.

It's unbelievable the time and effort you will save using the nylon membrane, self-contained unit, if you arent yet using a vacuum filter unit. I recommend this greatly to anyone trying for their 1st time, as it will really save you a pain in the ass. Wish someone had suggested to me, but lesson learned the hard way.


How can I just get the female hormones only out of synovex s?