Synovex in Water or Oil?

I dont like the idea of creating a tne suspension in water which needs to be heated before each injection, and tne crystals sitting in oil doesnt sound like it would look nice.

Im looking for a recipe to create a clear test no ester solution in. Ive read on other boards it cant be done using oil/ba/bb past 50mg/ml without the use of other solvents.

Does anyone have any good recipes for this? Including the ones with other solvents?

Also is test prop from syno as hard to make into a solution as tne?


You are asking for trouble my friend. Scammers target people that ask for PM’s the way you just did. Hopefully if anyone contacts you they won’t be a total dick. Good luck.

Well Im not looking to buy anything Im curious as to how the big guys make it. Thanks for the concern anyway.