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Synovex-H Conversion

Im a tren master but have never attempted to make PROP. Are the same kits used? If not, then what kind of kits?
Also anyone have a great process with pics and info thats easy to follow?

thank you Guys


Bill Roberts outlines a simple and easy conversion that works like a charm.
You don’t need a “kit,” but you certainly will need some supplies.

You can get more technical. You can try to remove the estrogen, but unless you are extremely estrogen-sensitive, I wouldn’t even bother.

Bill’s system works very, very well and the end product is quite effective -quite effective indeed.


now not to hijack but mentioned est sensitivaty
what if someone would produce TNE .besides being injected 2x a day what downsides is there to that?

EDIT: nevermind I read a few of his posts and I got my answer …