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Synergy93 - Fill Us In


Former football player, ANACONDA Protocol user, and an absolute beast.

Fill us in.. Training, diet, philosophy etc.... As much as you're willing to offer, about how you got where you are in development.

Thanks for your time in advance

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Good thread. We could all learn a lot from this beast


I'll start with an easy one...

What do you eat on a typical day?



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Holy Crap! I just spit food on my laptop! LOL



I was like "I know the name... where have i seen that..."

First picture in his profile, I was like "OH MAN THATS HIM?"


Hahaha, same reaction as me. I saw him first post pics in the Anaconda results thread. Had no idea it was that dude...




Ya I just saw his pics. Would be REALLY interested to see what he does, especially with diet.

Posting just so I can subscribe to this thread.




I want to be like Synergy when I grow up!

Gotta love the guys (yes, homo) who can intelligently explain exactly what they did to get to the point they are now.


I'll start with my basic nutritional habits, as I believe this is the most critical part in attaining any health, performance or body composition goal.

I keep things as simple as possible to ensure I'll be as compliant as possible. I really don't do anything "special" when it comes to diet. However, I am very methodical day in and day out. I don't ever deviate from my plan, unless I have it scheduled into the weekly plan. A simple example would be cheat meals. I always plan them ahead of time, and won't eat anything because "I feel like it." I plan the next day's meals, the night before, and plan cheat meals on a carb up day, which always fall on my most intense training day (usually legs or an olympic lift based workout).

If I'm trying to add size, I usually have 3 cheat meals per week. These consist of a huge chicken, rice, and bean burrito from a local mexican place, a homemade pasta meal, and one meal out, usually on Saturday nights. That's it. Otherwise, every single other meal is clean and part of my plan.

If I'm focusing on fat loss, I don't have cheat meals, ever. I've gone as long as 4 months without a single cheat meal. This fits my personality.

I typically follow a carb cycling approach (for both adding strength and size and for fat loss). This allows me to take in enough calories to continue to add size, not feel deprived, and train hard.

I keep protein intake about the same each day, fat intake will be according to carb intake on that day, and the carbs will fluctuate according to my training schedule. Nothing fancy here.

Here's a typical day of what I'm currently doing.
*I finished up a 12 week max fat loss focus about 6 weeks ago. I started at 260 lbs. @ 10% BF, and finished up at 235 lbs. @ 5%....didn't want to get any leaner. I used a 12 site biosig assessment throughout the entire process. Yes, it looks like I lost quite a bit of muscle in the process, but I didn't lose ANY strength, and looked way bigger at a lean 235 versus a soft 260.

My goal right now is to maintain a BF of 7% or so, at around 240-245 lbs.

NOTE: I don't require very many calories to maintain my current levels of lean mass....about 3200-3800 per day for maintenance.
I push that up to about 4000-4500 when focusing on gaining

Fat loss.....varies....too complex to get into :slightly_smiling:

I'm currently following a Push-pull-legs split

Monday (Pull 1)
Daily Macro Goals:

Pro--400 grams (43%) I've found that about 45% of my total calories from protein works best for me
Carbs--200 grams (23%) **I'm a former fat body, so I'm fairly carb intolerant, so I keep my carbs moderate to low most of the time. On carb up or days I cheat, I bump this up to about 500 grams per day, but will keep fat intake very minimal, basically not adding any fat to meals, except in the form of FA3 and Flameout
Fat--140 grams (34%)
Total calories about 3700
Yes, I'm anal about percentages, but I've kept a food log for so long, that I know exactly what percentage of my calories should come from each macronutrient for my goals at that particular time

Workout Nutrition: 3 FINiBARs, 3 scoops ANACONDA, 2 scoops MAG-10 (89 grams protein, 117 grams carbs, 27 grams fat, 1052 calories. This equates to just over 25% of my daily caloric intake. I've learned in the last few months, that this is the key to to maintaining leaness

I consume 50 grams of carbs (2 slices of Ezekiel toast, 100 grams (food scale grams) of strawberries and 100 grams blackberries at breakfast. The rest of the carbs come from a ton of vegetables at every other meal.

2 whole eggs
3 ounces of chicken breast
3 organic chicken sausage links (I also have all natural turkey bacon on some days)
2 slices of ezekiel toast
100 grams each of strawberries and blackberries
2 tablespoons of low fat organic sour cream
4 FA3 essential fatty acid capsules

Pro=57 grams
Carb=46 grams
Fat=27 grams

3 FINiBARs, 3 scoops ANACONDA, 2 scoops MAG-10
Pro=89 grams
Carbs=117 grams
Fat=27 grams
Calories= 1052


6 ounces pork tenderloin
6 ounces Flank Steak
1 ounce mozzarella cheese
tons of veggies....usually cucumbers, tomatoes, and green and red peppers
4 FA3 capsules
pro= 78 grams
Carbs=Trace from veggies
Fat=24 grams

Mid-afternoon snack
3 scoops Grow
2 tablespoons Chia Seeds
2 scoops Superfood
4 FA3
pro= 66 grams
Carbs=Trace from protein powder
Fat=15 grams
Calories=450 calories

12 ounces of Tilapia Fish
1 tablespoon Lemonaise lite
1 tablespoon real butter (the yellower the better, mine is a european brand)
3 Flameout
Pro= 64 grams
Carbs=Trace from veggies
Fat=26 grams
Calories= 540 calories


3 scoops Low-Carb Metabolic Drive
2 tablespoons All-Natural Peanut Butter
**also add cinnamon, pumpkin pie spice, and real cocao
3 Flameout
**I use a ton of ice and make this in the Magic Bullet
Protein=68 grams
Carbs=Trace from protein powder
Fat= 24 grams
Calories=580 calories

Daily Totals
Protein=422 grams
Carbs**Only count those from workout nutrition, fruit, starches and grains....I leave a little wiggle room to account for the trace carbs from veggies, nuts, protein powders, etc
Carbs=163 grams (117 from ANACONDA Protocol and 46 from breakfast) I definitely get another 40 grams from veggies and the other trace foods
Fat=143 grams

My first advice to anyone serious about changing their physique is to keep a food log, at least for a few weeks. It's impossible to "eye ball" and estimate your daily nutrient needs. By having record of what it is exactly you're consuming, you can make adjustments based on your progress. It's the same thing as a training log. I believe in them and will probably always use them. I may not track all my nutrition for the whole year, but if I'm focusing on fat loss, I count every calorie that goes into my body. It's always worked, and I don't plan on changing it.

I'll end with this. Take your nutrition MORE SERIOUS than your training. It really is that important. I've always trained hard and consistently (haven't taken more than 10 days off in a row besides when I've been injured), but it wasn't until I took the nutritional aspect of things seriously, that I made any significant aesthetic improvements.

If you can squat till you puke, you can plan your meals ahead of time, give up some of your favorite foods, and not be a lazy ass in the kitchen.

I'll talk about some of my training beliefs in my next post



How old did you say you were in one of your other posts?? Early 20's??

You've got some serious potential. It's refreshing to see such a mature attitude towards training, nutrition, lifestyle, etc at such a young age. While most dudes your age worrying about the next big party, you're secretly plotting your next 10 lbs. of lean mass gain :slight_smile:

Good work. Keep it up. I'll be sure to follow your progress.


Bay Area native here, 49er fan through and through.

Can't wait to learn from your experiences, and a thank you in advance for taking the time to fill us in on your lifestyle and regiments.


Synergy what position did you play for football? Damn you looked hugr (Still do actually) in that football pic.
And how much much did you weigh back then?

I'll be following this closely.


I turned 21 in may actually and thanks man haha, hopefully I can do something with this.

Ballin post btw, appreciate the info!


Nose guard and defensive tackle

I weighed about about 300, but have been as high as 315.

Proof, that even playing professional sports, and working out up to 15-20 hours per week at an intense level, that you can still be fat due to poor nutritional habits. Yes, I had to be that big for my position, but it's real world proof of how important your eating is


Understood. I know my diet has been holding me back but i'm an 18 year old kid with no job. So I can only eat whats available at my house, and to top it off i'm like you carb sensitive which kinda hurts. I should be getting a job soon at my college hopefully and I can start buying food for myself and some protein powder. sorry for the hijack btw this thread is about you and not me:)

How did your football career end?

Also what are some of your lifts at right now?