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Synephrine as weightloss suplement

Is synephrine a worthwhile thermogenic and performance enhancing suplement? Im in Australia and can’t get any ephedrine. I will stack it with caffeine. Ive heard it advertized as an alternative for ephedrine

Just bumping it back to the top

I will refer you to Cy’s comments in the Super Supplement Market article.


While this stimulant may posses an appetite-suppressing effect, which led to weight loss in rats, it hasn’t been shown to do much in humans unless administered with other ingredients. It’s too hard to say if it possess any significant effects, since it’s always combined with some other stimulant when researched. Until it’s shown to possess any thermogenic or anoretic effects independently, leave this one alone."

Despite Cy’s comments If you cannot get ephedrine I think that synephrine would be the next best alternative. Some studies show it is a beta-2 and beta-3 agonist and that it may speed up the metabolic rate somewhat. How it compares with ephedrine is not known yet but it is probably not as potent.

Thanks, I will stack it with caffeine and possibly asprin also.
Once again Thanks

Looke I am in Australia too,I know folks who have taken products containing epehdra like Ripped fuel,then due to our laws have had to switch to those ephedra-free versions with synephrine.They reckon the synephrine versions are useless compared to the ephedra-containing versions…