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Syndesmosis Injury

Hey! In the meet i participated in last week it seems that I have managed to get a syndemosis injury


Took x-rays yesterday and have scheduled a MR after the weekend.

  1. Anyone know how to come back fast after an injury like this? The doc talked about bolts for 3 months… i think that sounds extreme? Anyone have experienses with this?

  2. What kind of training should i start with to prevent this to happen again? The doc thinks that I’m pointing my toes too much outward and that my kne buckles if i squat heavy, and this creates torque (is that the right word?) in the ancle joint… How do i strenghten this part of the lift?


Syndesmotic injuries take long to heal because the area gets a weak blood supply. A high ankle sprain is a syndesmotic injury if you want something else to base things off of.