Anyone hear of this condition and have input in regards to training with it? I have someone in a training session who has passed out twice due to it last year, now this year is going through a training session again…think its more mental from what Ive seen, but I have never heard of it.

Syncope is just a generalized term that is a manifestation of many conditions, which can result in fainting spells. It can be caused by anything from low BP to chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases and heart conditions. Literally syncope IS fainting (transient cerebral hypoxia). Essentially the brain having low oxygen levels, but satisfactory blood flow.
My suggestion would be to get a more detailed medical history from the participant, and request a doctor’s note prior to training the client. This could be a very managable state, or it could be indicitive of a much more severe condition that should be addressed.

Or it could be something as simple as dehydration or coming to workout in a fasted state. Certain body types, such as tall people with long arms and legs are prone to vaso-vagal syncope much more than others. There are hundreds of reasons for fainting.

thanks for the help guys! She did get cleared by doctors, some people thought it might be a mental hang up or anxiety. Since I never heard of it I just wanted some input which yours helped greatly!