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Synchronized Crossfit?


saw this video on youtube, made me LOL


The still of Bert made it...Crossfit is teh ghey


Yeah, hating on xfit went out of style about 2 years ago. Guess the memo got missed.


Those guys are doing crossfit wrong.

The most hilarious things I see are kids doing synchronized situps at the college gym. I haven't been there awhile at peak hours, but you'll have groups of 3+ guys doing situps in perfect rhythm. Sometimes they will do situps with alternating leg lifts and its perfectly in synch. I chuckle every time I see it.


Just wait. It'll soon become the next big dance move. You heard it here first.


Crossfit has come a long way recently with some of its form issues. They way that they're trying to legitimize themselves as a "sport" with the Cross Fit Games, they have taken steps to make the form "standardized" (ala powerlifting standards) and what those kids are doing IS NOT crossfit.

Do I disagree with a lot of their programing? Yeah. Do I think most crossfitters are the fitness industries equivalent to Jim Jones cult followers? haha yeah... but its not all bad.

That being said, I'm not a crossfit guy but I've done some of their workouts and respect it. Its just another tool for your toolbag so to speak.


not trying to hate on Crossfit, just the 3 layers of constant motion in the video could give some kids epilepsy


You just worry about your own toolbag there, bucko.


oh, I'm a bigger toolbag than you'll ever be... I mean I HAVE a bigger tool bag than you'll ever have! lol


Cause you do zerchers???


do you think I'd have a 4something minute fran time if I did zerchers??? You must not follow the zone diet brah


That was pretty silly in the video.


?I will admit this: Crossfit does prepare you for one thing. Getting spanked by real athletes. They are sure as shit elite at that.? ? Lyle McDonald