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Symptoms on Test E, 7th Week

Ok in the last two weeks i’ve been feeling some symptoms for sure…

Peeing a lot at night
Lower abdomen pain when peeing at times
DHT rage
Heart palpitations sometimes

Is this a sign of low E2? high E2? Weird since they’re so closely related. I’m worried now. No sensitive nipples or anything like that but something is definitely off.

Should i pop my AI now or wait for blood work next week?

I’ve never heard of the first two as symptoms associated with testosterone use. That sounds more like a UTI than something caused by test. Heart palpitations have an enormous range of causes, so I would rather not speculate on that. What do you mean by DHT rage? Can you describe that a little more clearly?

I was lashing out at people, constantly for a matter of days. I was also very bloated, very very bloated, and red.

UTI? That is pretty rare. I doubt it is that. And that pain has gone away. Maybe it was from hip thrusts being too heavy?

The heart palpitations have also subsided. Is it possible that high E2 can cause this?

I took .25mg of an AI and things have gone away. Very strange, yeah?

I wasn’t actually suggesting it was a UTI. It’s high e2. Glad the adex cleared it up. Just don’t go crazy with it in the future. Use as little as necessary to keep things under control.

heart palpitations are probably not caused by high E2. More than likely caused by beta adrenergic receptor up regulation (increased catecholamine sensitivity), CNS stimulation mediated by androgens etc.

How high is you’re HR (when we say heart palpitations are we talking a RHR of like 80 or 130).

If you’re having TROUBLE urinating AT NIGHT as well as high frequency (trouble or not) associated with a weak urine stream, get prostate checked. Enlarged prostate is not to fuck with.

Seriously the lower abdomen irritation, peeing a lot at night, sounds like prostatitis

You’re making a lot of sense to me with that first part… i did start taking a little bit of ephedrine, but that was weeks ago but who knows maybe that coupled with the androgens caused the up regulation? My RHR is around 80.

No weak urine stream, but i do tend to be super sensitive to drinking a lot of water/alchole where i pisss A LOT. These last few weeks i had been drinking a protein shake before bed and i think that was really making me piss at night a lot.

Still, even without the late night protein shakes i tend to pee 2 or 3 times a night. Can my endo check the prostate? I never even considered getting my prostate checked until i was 50…

i’m doing bloods next week, should i do a complete lipid panel as well as thyroid?