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Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency 22Y/O

Hey. I AM 22 yold I have had virtually all testosterone deficiency symptoms for a year. I do not know what to do. I have been to several doctors and they say that everything is fine and they prescribe me tadalafil or sildenafil. For a year I have not had full morning erections, I cannot get excited, I have a very poor libido, I cannot achieve a full erection, mood swings, constant fatigue, memory problem, I can sleep 8-10 hours and I am tired anyway, my hair and hair are growing slower intimate. I try to exercise in the gym at least 3 times, I run additionally. I eat well, try not to stress. the biggest problem is this and the sexual content. What do you think about my results? a friend recommended me Winstrol or Proviron. winstrol in low doses to break down shbg. My free testosterone via the calculator is not too low? please help. he wants to start living normally. I’m 22 years old and I feel like a grandpa.

Total test: 6.93 (2.49-8.36)
Shbg: 38.40 (18.3-54.1)
Estradiol: 32.9 (11.3-43.2)
Albumin: 4.86 (3.5-5.2)

Total Test: 6.56 ng/ml (2.49-8.36)
Prolactin: 11.3 (4.04-15.2)
Albumin: 5.16 (3.5-5.2)
SHBG: 40.60 (18.3-54.1)

Total Test: 8.93 (2.49-8.36) !!
Prolactin: 4.1 (4.04-15.2)
SHBG: 55.90 (18.3-54.1) !!!
LH: 7.32 (1.7-8.6)
FSH: 5.67 (1.5-12.4)
Estradiol: 37.1 (11.3-43.2)
Free Testosterone: 21.16 (9.1-32.2)

Total Testosterone: 6.73
SHBG: 43.80
LH: 8.66
FSH: 5.28
TSH, FT3,FT4, ALT, AST its okey

Your hormones are normal, TRT is not the answer for a young guy, any addiction? Weed, porn, alcohol? How often?

Are you overweight? What is your height and weight? Taking any medications?

Your SHBG is fine, do NOT take Winstrol or Proviron, they will cause you more problems. Low test is not your problem, you have something else wrong.

Amazing how all of you are insisting testosterone isn’t his issue and that his issue lies elsewhere when he had all the symptoms of low testosterone. Serum levels are sometimes meaningless in this case. The issue could very well be testosterone related, even though labs show normal. Not saying it is that but it shouldn’t be ruled out. What if he normally had much higher levels of T for a long time and they suddenly dropped casuign symptoms? What if he developed androgen resistance? There are so many possibilities here.

To th OP, no, do not take winstrol or proviron.

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I wanted to try it with Proviron to see if it gets better, of course with small doses not to suppress the pituitary gland too much. I wanted to see if at least my sexual affairs get better - if that was the case, I suppose that there may be a problem on the shbg - dht line

180 lb, 5ft,I’m not taking any medications

An SHBG of 38 is hardly considered a problem.

Danny, these are also the symptoms of about 5 million other problems and he is clearly trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. Labs aren’t everything, but they aren’t nothing either. He decided low T is his problem, and by God that’s his solution no matter what evidence he finds to the contrary. There are tools other than a hammer.

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It won’t help. Suppressing T, which is what would happen, has a downchain reaction messing up all kinds of things for a small bump in a different androgen. If you were shut down already it would be different. Go see a urologist.

Absolutely, there are a million possibilities. All I am saying is that testosterone should not be ruled out as one of those possibilities. Several chimed in here stating that testosterone was not the issue. How do they know this for a fact? Based on labs? It is just one more possibility out of a million as you stated.

We’re trying to get him to get the more likely possibilities ruled out first. No point and screwing with an axis that actually functions.

I have been visiting andrologists, urologists and endocrinologists for a year and in fact they only prescribe me prescriptions for cialis and sildenafil and I want to live a normal life. what is it to help me with, since it’s hard to get excited, I’m still tired. that’s why I wanted to see with Proviron if at least something would change. if I felt a difference, this problem really resides somewhere in the hormones

He bas big shbg and big albumin. His calculate free t is 12.7ng/dl at the highest which isnt that great at all. I had 9 when I started TRT

I dont know how you all concluded his testosterone is not the problem. He has lets say normal total t values but high albumin and shbg. The highest calculated free test I calculated for him is 12.7ng/dl which is not optimal at all. @highpull mentioned he has plenty such patients

Otherwise I would suggest natural means to be tried first to improve his free testosterone

With proviron you will suppress your testosterone production

I’ve tried all natural methods but nothing worked. I intend to take proviron in low doses of 25mg once a day or 2x 12.5mg. The doctor will not prescribe a trt for me. what can I do myself?

Doesnt your doctor know proviron suppresses natural t production as well? Where do you live in?

He said he could gently suppress the pituitary gland but not somehow block it in such small doses. I have nothing to count on trt with such a total testosterone result

You did not answer where do you live