Symptoms of Low T?

I have had symptoms of low T (fatigue, trouble remaining/getting hard, brain fog, not motivated) and I think it might be low T so I got tested. Some results are below. I got this test done at 5pm.

Total T: 584 ng/dL
Vitamin D 36 (30-100ng/mL reference range)
Iron total: 84 (50-195 mcg/dL reference range)
Coritsol: 7.5 mcg/dL

Thyroid tests:
T3 uptake: 33 (22-35% reference range)
T4 (Thyroxine) total: 9.2 (4.5-12 mcg/dL reference)
Free T4 index (T7): 3.0 (1.4-3.8 reference range)

I didn’t get a free T test if that helps. My friend said the issue might be that I have too much estrogen. My questions are below if you guys could help.

  1. Since my test was at 5pm, does that mean my total t level would be higher in the morning when people usually get tested? If so, how much higher?
  2. It looks like my vitamin D barely makes the range. Will an increase in vitamin D towards the higher range increase my t level?
  3. If estrogen is the problem, how can I lower it?
  4. I want to get a free T test as well as an estrogen test. Do I tell my doctor straight up “can I get my estrogen levels tested” or is there a specific test that its called?
  5. any advice or insight into my condition?

thank you.

Your problem could be from high SHBG which would affect your FT levels, but since you haven’t tested for it we are left guessing as to the cause. Do not get FT directly tested, you need SHBG and TT to get FT. TT without FT is only half of what you require.

would an increase in vit D help regardless to boost T?

Your vitamin D deficiency would have to be significant, yours is not. It’s not uncommon for guys to come in here with perfect testosterone levels ruined by high as SHBG of levels. It binds up all of your usable testosterone and makes it you experience low T symptoms.