Symptoms of a Fatigued CNS/Needing a Deload?

So I recently hit some all time PRs and the past 3 weeks I’ve started to slope off and have somehow seemingly lost something like 10-15kgs off my lifts.

So would something like this just be down to CNS fatigue. I usually do my deloads either 4 or 6 weeks, but dunno perhaps life has just caught up with me and I seem to be fighting weights I’ve made my bitch.

I’m taking 3 full days off and plan on coming back in with new %s and a lighter week?

Should say I do 4 days, typical 531. Using 85% of my 1rms

Really depends if this happens consistently, it might just be something that happens every now and then for you regardless of CNS. If it happens consistently consider having at least one of the 3 weeks not be PR sets, 3/5/1 programming will do this. I have not used that but I always be sure to keep week 1 easier and week 3 the hardest so i never have several hard weeks in a row that way. Right now I’m doing 5s Pro FSL and I just finished week 6 and will actually be doing another 3 before deload and I don’t feel burned out. I used to have the same problem where I wish I had a deload at week 4 or 5 which was not good if your cycles must be 3 weeks.