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Symptoms 6 Yrs After Finasteride. 8 Wks on TRT Bloodwork. PCT Advice?

hi guys and sorry to see. how much this finasteride poison destroyed you too, I allow myself to post on this thread because I too have been battling pfs for 6 years, the symptoms that I fight against the most are zero libido and severe ED as well as fragile sleep (early awakenings). the first 3 years I just waited for it to come back naturally by trying tons of dietary supplements but unfortunately nothing came back, the cialis even in small doses worked but then I had to keep increasing the doses so I thought to myself that I had to try something, I read a lot and subscribed to groups dedicated to steroids and muscle building (the pfs forums I only go there to type the word recovery and I only read these stories then I don’t 'put my feet back) and then I did my first Hcg 240ui eod test for 1 month and mentally it helped but unfortunately my genitals were more numb than before, I tried the proviron protocol 100mg / day for 15 days and neither better nor bad, I tried here in June a pct hcg 250ui eod / 15 days and chained with 15 days clomid / nolva and it was like I was doing nothing, neither good nor bad except it made me feel more relaxed, more confident after that I waited 15 days and jumped on 20% scrotal cream 200mg / day. it’s been 11 weeks on trt and my androgens have doubled but the ED persists (it is even worse because 20mg of cialis is not enough) on the other hand the libido has returned a little I even experienced at 6 weeks a period of great excitement. I would be really happy to share with you and read your progress tips. we are all in the same boat. I am enclosing 3 analyzes of my blood 1) before any steroid tests 2) after hcg / clomid / nola and 3) very recent after 8 weeks trt. your advice and that of hormone specialist like Danny Bossa are very much appreciated on what I need to do to get better. I thought to hold another 1 month on trt and if not better to stop and redo a pct but most of the pfs guys who have recovered from trt say that it takes at least 6 months, I want to be patient but what annoying me it’s ED getting worse while my rates are now high. What do you think?

as you can see my starting blood was not that bad but just like jordanie500 i wanted to reach supra physiological levels to see how i would feel. i had pfs when i was 44 and i am 50 now. I still believe it’s possible

Hello community, I have an important question that I have not yet found an answer to. I have been on trt scrotal cream 20% 4 doses per day = 200mg for 3 months but now I would like to come out with a good pct but does anyone know how to tell me when after the last dose of trt should I start the pct ?? I have no idea the half-life or even the esther used in the creams. I thought I would take my last dose and start the pct 24 hours later is this correct?

I forgot to report that the trt worked very well at the numbers level as it raised my total and free testosterone to supra-physiological levels (I can show my blood if needed) but I have to stop because my ED is worsened and libido disappeared. your help would be greatly appreciated thank you

@Chris_Colucci coukd you help this fellow out and put this in the TRT section

There isn’t one. It’ll be clear in about 5 days. Start your PCT 1 week after last application

great to have answered me that sounds so simple and yet such a complicated answer to get. Thank you

if i use hcg in addition in my pct should it also be started 1 week after stopping?

Yes, for 1-3 weeks, then start your SERM after for 4-6 weeks

Tank you swoop

Your initial labs aren’t that great, I can’t tell if it’s total testosterone or free, but they seem low to me. Audi your vitamin d could be raised of you haven’t already.

Honestly, you may be better off coming down one less click on your cream for a few months in case your estradiol is too high. That may be causing some of your ED issues, especially since your testosterone is above range here.

I’d be hesitant to come off completely as it sounds like baseline was still pretty icky.

Hello and first of all thank you for intervening because having yourself suffered from pfs I think your advice will be very legitimate for me, after 12 weeks of cream my TT (not indicated on the last blood) is 42 nmol / l for a max of 34 in this laboratory, my free T indicates 37 pg / ml and is also above the max range, my shbg is very low and my estrogen on the other hand has not increased in the same proportion as my testosterone, it is also above the beach but very little, should not have increased more than that? I have the impression that it is the balance at all that is causing the problem, since the start of my trt I first saw my libido increase as pre pfs but at the same time my genital numbness and ED increased and I need maximum dose of cialis to function whereas before trt 20 mg assured me the success. i am sure there is a setting that could correct me but i need some advice for that because no doctor in belgium recognizes pfs and i am alone. maybe stop the cream 2/3 before resuming or stop with a pct but I’m afraid I ran out of patience and missed an opportunity to recover. I have had very encouraging windows that make me think it is possible

That’s an artifact of the creams I think. More is converted to DHT, so less goes to e2

ho yeah well seen, that’s something I never thought about anymore, thank you. Maybe add HCG to it?

It may be worth considering switching to shots

you mean quit the cream for the injections?

You might also consider Jetanzo if in the US or Canada. Jetanzo increases DHT more than injections and might actually help keep E2 lower.

Hi ,when i started trt as you can see in my blood photos above my TT was average and no doctor with this rate wanted to grant me trt in my country so I managed to get prescriptions for a anti aging clinic and I jumped on trt thinking that getting supra physiological doses could help me, I was hyper responsive and very quickly my measurements went through you as you can see, unfortunately all this did not make me feel better and making adjustments without a doctor seems impossible to me, in addition I am developing a lot of side effects at the moment despite the reduction in doses, hyper tension, high hematocrit, headaches…. this all sounds the alarm bells for me so I am considering trying to get out of trt with a pct. what would be your advice for a successful pct taking my data above and considering 12 weeks of trt ?? I plan to start 2 weeks of hcg starting 24 hours after my last dose of cream and then follow up with clomid or nolva for 4 weeks or even both is this correct? What do you think? your help would be really precious to me thank you