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Symptom: Overworked QL

My QLs seem to be chronically overworked and I cannot figure out what the problem is.

After a hard squat workout, my QLs cramp up and make it hard for me to walk very far without sitting down.

6 months ago I was rack pulling and violently strained my left QL, which subsequently seized up for the next two weeks.

A few weeks into a program lifting every other day that involves hard lower body workouts (i.e. most of the time) I sometimes get a few days where even walking around normally (I live in new york) makes my QLs tired and walking uncomfortable.

A few weeks into a program I will inexplicably fail hard when trying to do deadlifts in any of its variations. The weight will seem much heavier than it did even a week ago, making it difficult to pick up weight that is much lighter than I have previously picked up. I then take a couple weeks off deadlifting and come back.

I am fairly sure that I have tight hip flexors and try to stretch them out, but I find it difficult to loosen them up, even when doing lunge stretches or what have you.

Do any of the more knowledgeable people on here have any suggestions about what might be wrong?

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as I posted before I have a similar problem.

what are good ways to independently train the glute min and med as well as adductors?

I think that my hamstrings and glutes are generally much stronger than the average person’s. I cannot say with 100% confidence that they are not the problem, but I do not think they are the problem.

Maybe you will laugh when you see this because it is always the problem when people have APT. The reason I say that I do not think they are the problem is because they are so large. My glutes and legs are comparatively large for my body size and are pretty strong. Then again maybe its just my QLs compensating when I squat or do good mornings.

It is quite possible that I have an anterior pelvic tilt. What is the remedy?

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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:

It’s totally feasible that your hams and glute max are strong - during exercises that force them to be recruited. However during activity like walking, they could be inhibited by your tight psoas and so not firing correctly.


That could be it. I’ll try out the cables. You first said adduction in this thread, but your last post (in to out) means abduction? Which is it?

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