Symptom Discussion - Brain Fog

My case post can be found here What Am I Missing? Low T, Fibro, Thyroid? Docs No Help - #81 by gonadthebarbarian.

However, I wanted to ask very specific symptom questions to the group:

If you had “Brain Fog” in your list of pre HRT symptoms, then:
1. How long after HRT did your brain fog feel better? (Please indicate SERMS or Injections)
2. Did you do anything else to help this specific symptom? Supplements, diet change, other Dx/prescription?
3. Anything else related to brain fog you can share that would be beneficial to the forum?

My brain fog lifted 3 hours after my first clomid pill. I did a bunch of other stuff around the same time, but I’m certain it was the clomid.

How much alcohol do you drink a week? Be honest. When I quit drinking (never drank that much, maybe 2 beers a night) over the course of a month, more fog lifted.

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I drink maybe 6-8 drinks on average per month, almost always on the weekends.

Many have brain fog from:

  • low T or low T and elevated E2
  • high T on TRT with elevated E2
  • low thyroid function

Many going on TRT have fog lift quite fast, but depends on how long the brain has be suffering low T. Elevated E2 often spoils the show. E2 management is almost always mission critical.

Some guys have mood issues despite other hormone interventions. These can be neural transmitter related or other things that affect overall health.


That’s not much alcohol really.

I reviewed your post, are you working on losing the weight?

Low e2 can also cause worse brain fog than high as well from my experience. It needs to be balanced.

Any other mineral deficit or condition other than T/E2 that anyone has seen that contributes to brain fog?

Thyroid, as I pointed out.

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Systemic inflammation.

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Interesting you say this, do you have any experience or can you elaborate?

It seems like all of my own research points to inflammation as the primary culprit for most modern diseases and health conditions. It’s also more than likely a vast oversimplification of a complex condition involving a variety of our systems.

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