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i notice that my right arm, lats, traps are definitely bigger on the right side (i’m right-handed so I guess it’s not surprising)

it’s pretty noticeable I think and would like to improve symmetry

i think using dumbells rather than barbells/machines is supposed to help, but i use dumbells quite a bit anyway

has anyone got any advice to improve symmetry for upper body muscles

thanks for help


You have to use dumbells, but if you do more with the strong arm you won’t be doing anything to fix the imbalance.

Ian King’s recommendation is 2 sets with the weak arm for every 1 set with the strong arm I believe.

I had the same problem a few years ago but it was the left side bigger than than my right side. I started to notice that I always started with my right side when ever I did dumbbell work. I found that I have a boost of energy when you complete the reps you are going for. I suggest what I did was to start with your left first on the first set the your right with your second set and so on. The imbalance will start to work it self out.

thanks for the advice guys

will let ye know how I get on in 8 weeks or so