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Symmetry Problems

Hello all ive been lurking around here for a while love the site but this is my first post. I have been training on and off for about a year but have been dedicated and hitting it hard the last few months… im making some great newbie gains, eating clean, working out 5 days a week etc…

my numbers are 6’3 tall, 215 lbs…
What i have noticed though is an imbalance
in size… it seems my left side is stronger/larger than my right side, most noticeably in the chest. To make things even stranger, i am right handed.

What I wanted to know was has anybody experienced this or seen this? and how to fix this problem… for example when benching should i add 5-10 pounds on the weak side? any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Use dumbbells.

ok thats what ive read to do… i will try the dumbells instead of the bar but i do want to correct this asap, so perhaps a heavier DB for the weak side??

No. Just use whatever weight in your target rep range your weak side can handle, and use that for both arms.

If you use more weight on one side you’ll just make the imbalance worse, so use dumbells that are of equal weight.

Start with the weaker side first for unilateral movements (one arm curls, etc). Then match your form/tempo/rep number for the stronger side. Most people know to match their reps, but if you are doing reps with perfect form on your strong side and poor form on you weak side, obviously you aren’t solving the problem.