Symmetry - Muscle Contractions?

l have noticed my left side is stronger and better defined then my right side and in some muscles l can “feel” them working without concentrating on my left whereas my right l cant “feel” anything.

l have been training on and off for years so this is not the newbie thing when your out of balance because of using your dominant side more.

l remember reading something about a pinched nerve?? in your neck?? affecting muscle contraction and growth??
lm not too sure of the specifics obviously.

and yes l have done all exercises as free weight unilaterally aswell to remedy this for years now
but their still is an imbalance.

does anyone have any information or advice

Used to happen to me.

I started massaging the back of my neck with my fingers (quite hard).

Other than that I tried to not worry about it and lift with good form, as heavy as I could, each week.

It’s got a lot better over-time.

I was about to post this question too. What’s the pinched nerve thing about?

when you first start out there is usually an imbalance, but mine came a long time after l started.

it would be good for someone to chime in
on something more complex rather than the standard should l cut or bulk or just keep wasting mine and everyone elses time