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Symmetry for Bodybuilding Contest after Shoulder Surgery

Hello I am a 22 year old male who is thinking about competing in a bodybuilding competition down the road. I have been lifting for around 4 years now. I certainly feel that I have the drive and knowledge of lifting to get myself to a competitive level. The only problem is that I had a ac joint reconstruction on my right shoulder back in 2015. While I am able to lift heavy or light with little limitation, I fear my left and right shoulder structure may be a bit off after all is said and done. With enough work especially on balancing them out, is competition still a goal I should pursue?

Are you saying the issue may be that they do not look the same from side to side?

Well, you can either let an injury that’s healed and fully rehabbed prevent you from doing something you want to do. Or…

… you can train hard, work your balls off, and not let an obstacle prevent you from doing something you want to do.