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Symmetry? 25 Inch Thighs and 15 1/2 Inch Arms?


I'm kinda curious if there is like a sizing chart or something for somewhat normal proportions.. I know everyone is built different and have certain body parts that are normally better than others. I'm just curious to know what I might be lagging so I can put a little more work into that.

Right now I mainly just curious about my arm size. I'm about 5'10'' 190-192 lbs and from what I've been seeing, it seems like my arms are a little small at 15 1/2 (left)and 15 1/4 (right). My thighs are almost 25 inches around.. I'm kinda curious if there big for my weight because I'm growing out of some pretty wide legged jeans?

Any comments about symmetry or my size on my legs and arms would be great. Thanks


We need pictures to evaluate your physique and symmetry thereof. Please include a shoe if you want a BF estimate.


^this is true.

For symmetry you must be holding workboot. This is the only way we can estimate properly. Post pics ASAP !


Torso= 100
Calf, Upper Arm, Neck=36%

Your upper arm should be about 16.67". So yeah, you're instinct is correct. Your upper arm is lagging. Your chest measurement should be around 46-47".

BTW, our stats are somewhat similar.

I'm 5'9", 185lbs.

Chest: 47"
Thigh: 24.7"
Upper Arm: 16.3"

So right now, my torso is outgrowing my arm, and thigh a bit.

And that shoe joke is ancient...O-o-oo-o-oo-oo-ld school T-Nation inside joke..or was it T-mag? or Testosterone.net?