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I’ve noticed that my left side looks more muscular than my right side.
I do not understand how the hell this happens.
If I’m doing bench press with a barbell I use the muscles on both my right side and left equally otherwise the bar would not be level during the movement?
I try to ensure that the barbell is always level on all my lifts.
Should I work out my right side on its own after I’ve completed each set?

Is your left side also stronger than your right side?

Try switching to dumbells and see what happens. Don’t do more for your right side, but if your right side gives out first, stop then.

Also, I may be way off base, but maybe it’s the lighting, if you look in the same mirror all the time.

I have the same problem. I used dumbbells to correct the problem, going only as far as the smaller, weaker arm would take me. It didn’t do anything. Now I am trying a different tack. On my third set of arm or chest excercises, I only do the smaller arm. It seems to be working, although I have only been doing it for about a month. Don’t do extra sets because that may make the smaller side even worse because you overwork it.

I have had the same issue! For a while my entire left side was stronger and more muscular! (pec, delt, bicep, tricep, lat, abs, quads and calves… I am not kidding – all of these muscles were substantially larger to the L side!) Somehow, I was subconsciously focusing more on contracting the left side during my exercises. So I began to do the opposite: consciously focusing more on contracting intensely the R side. Also, on occasion, if doing a barbell exercise, like bench press, I might adjust the hand positioning to place slightly greater weight to the R side. Gradually, over a period of weeks and months, you should see a reversal to your imbalance. Keep an eye on it, though, because before you know it, you may start to develop an imbalance to the side that was originally weaker/smaller. Good luck!


I have some problems with symetrey because of old injuries. Do you have any injuries on you smaller side? My right outer delt is visibly smaller. It’s just as strong but tends to get worn out a little earlier than my left. Also because of this imbalance my right tricep is bigger. I think it is because of the weakness in the delt.

My left bicep and trap is larger than my right but I’m left handed. However, my right lat and quad is larger than my left. But who cares when you’re in the masters (over 50) division.

One thing I just remembered that you might want to take into account. I used to have a terrible problem with my right front deltoid giving out before the left on bench press. After a while, I figured out that I always carried my backpack full of books on my right shoulder in school. I started switching it to the left, and the problem cleared up in no time!

i have this problem with my forearms. i have great size and definition in my right forearm and neither in my left. my suggestion would be to do DB work whenever possible.

Chris, beat off with your left hand for a while, and you’ll clear up that little problem.