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Ok, lately I’ve been focusing on getting proper symetry. I’ve still been working every muscle group but my legs have always been very large and powerful. So, I don’t work them as much for gains but more for proper shape. Since I’ve been making more gains in my upper body (for that nice balanced look) my legs have been getting smaller and weaker! Why is this happening? I’ve been working them regularly to make sure they don’t get left behind and still- as my upper body grows my legs shrink! This should not be happening! I wanted to just leave them at their current size and strength until my upper body catched up. Instead it seems as though my upper body is some how taking muscle from my lower body. Is this normal? It is helping me get that symetry faster but I don’t want to sacrifice the natural size that I already have in my legs. I’d rather just make my upper body huge too.

Have you been taking measurements? Do you know they’re losing size? Or is your upper body just getting big enough that now your legs just look smaller? Either way, you don’t like what’s happening, so it sounds like you need to up the intensity/volume with your legs. Sounds simple to me.

Read the FAQ. Then read every back issue of T-Mag. You should eventually come across an article by Tony Meazell that has to do with specializing on certain areas…it should give you some idea of what is happening.

First of all, your post is really vague. What is your training routine? WHAT have you been doing?

In regards to your legs getting "smaller and weaker" while you stlll work "them regularly"? I'm thinking that due to your shifting focus to train your upper body, you have neglected your legs. Maybe not in the QUANTITY of training, but definitely in the QUALITY.

Start maintaining a training log. Perhaps begin the 5x5 program - or a program that is outlined here in T-Mag. Something to get you back on track. Without knowing anymore specifics (how many days a week do you train? Diet? Experience?) - it's difficult to give you anything more specific.

Also, your upper body cannot take muscle away from your lower body (Upper body to lower body..."give me some of that muscle....." ) Does not work that way. As I had said, you obviously have been more focused on your upper body therefore neglecting legs, and causing this imbalance.

Are you sure that you are losing size in your legs, or is your upper body just making them look proportionately smaller? It could be that you legs weren’t as big as you had always thought, and only now are you discovering it. BTW, it’s SYMMETRY.

You’ve probably decreased your training intensity too much. Exercises commonly referred to as “shaping” exercises typically don’t provide a lot of overload. They’re often single-axis movements like leg extensions and leg curls.

You may need to get back to heavy compound lifts like squats if you’ve gone away from them. Just reduce the volume, not the intensity, when it comes to maintenance work.

Not to be a dick, but what you’re talking about it proportion, not symmetry. Symmetry is bi-lateral; proportion is the ratio of one bodypart to another.

Just trying to define our terms here. If Frank Zane were dead he’d be spinning… :slight_smile: