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Does Symbiotropin
works well for a 21 almsot 22 year old guy?
I know its used by older ppl to reverse the aging effects, but I would like to know if I use 3 months of this, would I see a considerable increase in mass AND reduce in BF?


This would be very doubtfull considering that supraphysiological doses of subcutaneous hGH have resuled in pretty dismal results in strenght, lean body mass and fat mass ameliorations. That is when used by itself.

Research in various hGH secretagogue have shown that only a few patients respond to orally active hGH secretagogue supplementation and they results are often not clinically significant. ( I do not know if symbiotropin actually contains an orally active form or if they are just compounds that have shown some results while with i.v. delivery that they’ve just put in a pill).

Even then, research results for these secretagogue largely or more accurately, totally suck.

In my opinion, after doing a short review of the abstracts on such compounds on Pubmed, I believe that putting money in Symbiotropin would be a very bad investement.

If you did an hGH and AAS cycle, that would be a very different story as those compounds act synergically.

Anyway, good luck to you.