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Sydney Anyone?


I'll be in Sydney for 3 weeks.

Anyone want to work out? You might get a kick out of all the plates we need to remove before it's my turn!!!

I'll check this again in 48 hours. It's 2:30 PM PST.


Lucky bastard! I loved Sydney. Beware of the freeflowing beer and the great late night food. Have a great trip!


Australia or British Columbia?

Sorry I had to ask.


Welcome to the best city in the world, apart from our shocking train system, bad traffic, expensive housing... but I digress, you should have a great time over here, it's just a pity you aren't here in summertime, when you would get to experience the real Sydney experience of just kicking back on some of the best beaches in the world.

There are plenty of gyms around to work out in, whereabouts are you staying? For how long?

Maybe if enough T-Nation members from Sydney reply to this thread we could organise a workout together.




Sydney, Nova Scotia.


Australia! I'm leaving Sacto now.


im replying for the sole reason of makeing peopl jelouse of where i live


I made it. I'm staying in Castle hill. I bought a 10 day membership to CK2.

I had to figure out the Kilograms to Pounds conversion.

I've been working on my diet and it sucks.


Airplane food Egg Omlette

Vodka 2shots (7am)

2 Ham an Salami Sammies (10:30)

2 Woodstock Burbon/cokes (Crack a Woody ad.)

Grow! Shake (12:00)

1 Coopers Pale Ale

1 18 OZ Steak and Spaghetti

2 Dak Ales (Forget the name)

2 glasses Merlot

3 More Coopers (Watched Movie)

Grow shake


Fuck, my liver is being hammered.......I'm not gaining or dropping so far so this should be ok.

This morning

4 eggs , Milk and a Grow! shake.


Woodstocks slogan


At least you are drinking a good beer. Hope you enjoy the stay. Make sure you get out of Sydney and have a look around at some non urbanised Australia.


Well, this is a bit freaky, all the way from the US and you are staying one suburb away from where I live (Baulkham Hills)! How long are you here for?

I see you are aready settling in to the Aussie way of life and sampling some of our alcoholic delights. Watch out for the beer, it supposedly packs more of a punch than the stuff you guys drink in the US.

For the kg to lb, basically an Oly bar is 20kg (45lb), and your plates will go 20kg (45lb), 10kg (22lb), 5kg (11 lb) etc. I don't know what plates CK2 uses but sometimes you get both values written on the side of the plates, although as it has just been refurbished they are probably new weights and all in kg.

Also, get more veggies in your diet, LOL!




If you can fit in in, hit up Uluru, the Olgas and the various sights in the Outback. It's well worth it!


That's exactly the kind of Plates...they said Australian too. I'm here for another 15 days. PM me and maybe we could party a bit...or lift. I'm attending a weeding and am staying with the groom who has not worked out in a while. I usually drink Sierra Nevada 5.6%, so the beer here is standard puch for me. I also just ate 2 chicken breasts, corn on cob and mashed potatoes for lunch. Had 2 beers. Had some weird protien shake box at the club.

I'll be taking pictures of cool stuff and posting it.


Outback is part of my plans.


Day 3:

Ventured out shopping. Was mostly hungry, trying to monitor the wife's spending. Went to Darling Harbor, bought a bunch of stuff like gifts, boomerangs and post cards. The Harbor was great and packed with people and any shopping in the world.

At luch I saw a seagulls....had orange beeks and legs...in CA they are yellow.

As much as I searched, I could not find Mexican food. I saw many a McDonald's.

There are pollution issues here with tunnels and residential areas. I did notice a strong petrol smell in the urbanized areas.

I am enjoying a Coopers Extra Stout right now and waiting to eat some native Barramindi fish for dinner.

Not a bad day! No workouts, food and calories are down today.


sounds like you are going well, barra is the fish to have, Coopers good drop but don't forget the beers from Tasmania esp Boags, top drop.


Day 9...Dazed and confused. Spend time looking for mexican food. There is none here.

Partied at some clubs with my wife, eating OK, fucking a lot. ....I'm on Holiday.

Got a Tattoo.


The 28 oz steak today!