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SWR's Fat-Loss Log (22 Weeks)


I'm starting this log to keep me focused on my goals.

I cheated on the Cheater's Diet, I came off of the Velocity Diet 5 days too soon, and made my one healthy meal a week into a whole cheat day once a week, and didn't come off of it correctly.

Fat loss has always been my most challenging goal.

I reached 195lbs with approximatley 25%bf. I'm down to 185 after losing 15lbs with the V-Diet, then gaining 5 back.

I'm starting the Velocity diet again, but without any cheat days or meals. I'll be using natural peanut butter in place of the flax seeds, and will be adding some benefiber.

After the 28 days of the Velocity Diet I will be starting the routine outlined in Christian Thibaudeau and Anthony Roberts' ebook "Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde: Body transformation from both sides of the force", starting with Phase 10 through Phase 15.

I'm going to need help, motivation, and accountability to get through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's partys without cheating.

The fun begins tomorrow, September 4th. I'll also be following Dan John's log with the V-Diet to help keep me motivated.

Wish me luck.


Good luck to you, I'm sure you'll do fine. Cheated on the Cheater's Diet, funny. Isn't that an oxymoron? I guess that means you ate too clean.


hehe, I cheated when I wasn't supposed to cheat, and I also cheated when I was supposed to.


I guess you'll be offering pics after the whole deal, right?

Good luck. Don't cheat.


Judging your photographs, I would never take you as someone who would cheat on your diet. Your BF% can't be much more than 5 - 10%. If anything, you need to bulk up. Looking cut my man!!!! Good job.


Self discipline, man. You're a veteran around here. I know you have it.

Impress us.

Good luck.


Yea, about half way I might put up picks for comparison, then again at the end. I already have my fat pics in my profile, so there's no need to re post them.


So you are turning you back (or maybe your stomach) on your brothers in the bulk belly thread?

I hope it goes well for you. Let us know how you go with muscle size and strength.


Yea, I know. Maybe I'll try some extra hypertrophy exercises for my mid-section.

Hey, I don't care if it's big as long as it's not fat anymore.


Starts today.

Had 2 meals so far, and don't feel the least bit hungry. I didn't have bad cravings the last time I tried the V-Diet until day 3, so we'll see what happens this time.

Workout today will be modified because my gym is closed.

10X3 Pull Ups
10X3 DB Bench
3X8 (ea. leg) DB Lunges
3X6 Modified hamstring curl with DB on a decline bench.
1X8-10 E-Z Bar Curls
1X8-10 E-Z Bar Skull Crushers
1X10 Weighted Crunches

Changed DB lunges to BB lunges with the BB in a front squat possition.

Changed the Modified Ham curl to stiff-leg deads.

The modified ham curl wasn't working out too well.


Good luck. Remember, most women think that even if you have big muscles, a belly like yours overshadows all you have built. Really, I know from experience;)


Yea, you're right.

Even though I'm married, it's still nice to be able to impress chicks with a nice physique (which I'm sure you know as well).

I told my wife that I was going to put up my side-view picture as the desktop background of our computer for motivation.

I also grab a handful of my fat while doing cardio to remind me what I'm doing it for.


SWR --

I am sure that you have what it takes to pass this test. You just have to be ready, and it sounds as if you are this time.

I hope that day one is going well. Keep us informed or you might get a PM or two ragging on ya!


Go for it Bro. Good Luck!! Remember that your wife will be all over you when its done :wink:.


Thanks firebug.

I don't think there's any excuse I can make for not completing this now.

I'm getting a membership at Albany Strength even though I didn't move out there yet. That way I'll have 2 gyms to use, one local and one near where I work (1.5 hours from my house).


Good luck, mate!

As well as photos, post a video of you drinking a shake. You're the only person I've seen so far to use the video feature, so I thought maybe you could make the most of it :slight_smile:


Careful what you wish for, I just might do that.

Maybe Shugurt will use it in an article, or use a picture of it in his book.


Damn it! I can't get to sleep again.

This happened the first few days I started the V-Diet before too.

Hunger wise, I did okay today. No cravings, and almost forgot my last shake.

The solid food seems to already gone through me, since it seems like the shakes are the only thing coming out of me. Sorry for going into that much detail, but everyone should know what to expect from this diet. :wink:



Did cardio this morning before work. I drank half of my protein drink before going, then the other half, and the fish oil and pb after showering.

I'm now using larger, 32oz containers to put my shakes in. That way I can put 2 drinks in each container, using only 2 containers a day, plus the one drink that I have in the morning with a shaker bottle.

I put the containers in an insulated lunch box with a freezer bag, and put my fish caps in a baggie in there as well.

I put the jar of natural pb in the top compartment of the lunch box with a teaspoon. I eat 1tsp with each shake, plus one more tsp for a total of 6. That's 2 tbsp, or 1 serving for those who can't convert in their head. :wink:

That's all for today.


Okay, I lied. That wasn't all for today.

I was thinking about this for a while, and realized I hadn't made many solid goals yet, besides following the specific routines for the next 22 weeks.


This will, at best, be the second time in my life I did this. Possibly the first, as I wasn't sure what I was at the last time.

Last time was 5 years ago when I weighed 148lbs. I was able to see my abs without flexing, so guessed my bf to be around 8-10%. Before then, I've always been chubby, fat and even obese my whole life.

Single digits, here I come!