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SWR Dropping a Log on T-Nation!


Not naming this my "fat-loss" log, my "P90X" log, my "gettin back into it log" or anything like that because it will be changing with me.

I will be starting off with the P90X, infomercial program...I know, nothing that is "seen on TV" could possible do anything for anyone right?

Well, it gets my wife and I motivated, and I just might merge the yoga and plyo-metrics part of this program into other, if not all, future programs.

I need the muscular endurance, stamina, and fat loss that this will get me, and probably most importantly, the motivation.

Bought me some Powerblocks finally. The set that goes from 5 lbs to 90 lbs in 5 lb increments. I don't think I'll be getting the addon that goes to 130 lbs, only because there are different types of plates to attach, and it becomes a lot more cumbersome looking.

I think I will buy regular dumbbells that are 100+ lbs in the future, or just buy more cheap adjustables from Walmart and load em up, and never change them.

Enough background for now.


Chest/back day with P90X.

Good wake up call to realize what I can't do. Lots of different forms of pushups, pullups, chinups, db rows.

I LOVE the Powerblocks. I look forward to using them any chance I get.

This routine can easily be made to be as easy as anyone needs it to be, or much more difficult.

It's motivating and fun to do with my wife, and my 5 year old daughter cheering us on.

Plyometrics tomorrow...and I hear that's the hardest part.


Yes, plyometrics kicked our asses...but it was fun. Our 5 year old loved watching and jumping around with us.

Everything is sore, leg day today.

Not much to update with this program.

More info and logs after this is done, either with the V-Diet, or going on to heavier lifting with a good, maintenance level diet.


Welcome back!

I don't know much about the P90X, but you're right, whatever gets you motivated to get going...and hopefully there are components in it that we can use to mock and make fun of you. :slight_smile:


hehe, thanks. The guy running it (Tony Horton) surprisingly seems to know what he's talking about.

They give a certain amount of time for an exercise, but he says to do what you can, if you want to add muscle and strength, don't pick a weight that you can get 15 reps with, go heavier where you can only do around 8. He talks about plyometrics being high impact, even though high impact isn't what's "in" and so on.

I think it's great for people who have most of the typical stereotypes of what exercise is.

My wife and I are both sore as hell...everywhere.