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Back in the gym today. Started my second hypertrophy block. This time I’m not going autoregulate volume. I drove myself into the ground last time. Lesson learned. This time I’ll autoregulate intensity but I’m not going to do the same for volume. Each movement is performed double rest pause and that’s it. I’m alternating between two full body routines (MWF).

Workout A
Hip Thrusts
Hip Abduction
Donkey Calves
DB Bench Press
BB Rows
Reverse Cable Curls

Workout B
Hip Thrusts
Flat Back SLDL
Hip Abduction
Seated Calves
DB Should Press
Weighted Chins
Hammer Curls

Hitting glutes every time I work out. It seems to be the only thing that keeps lower back pain at bay. Also doing the same thing for biceps because it really helps with my elbow pain.


What I like to mantain the loads constant and vary volume during the mesocycle is that I began “to know the load”. When the mesocycle ends, I have a strong knowledge about to increase - or not - the load a little bit for some lift. The main problem, in my case, are my shoulders which does not suport huge volume (which inevitably will apear in some week/microcycle during the whole meso).

Reading your decision makes me think about regulate intensity due to my shoulders. Time management is another advantage in this case.



Yeah for sure. I’m still trying to fine tune how I approach things. Typically I’ll cycle between strength and hypertrophy blocks (about 1-3 months at a time). Usually I will autoregulate intensity and keep volume consistent while chasing strength then autoregulate volume and keep intensity fairly stable when chasing hypertrophy. This cycle I was lazy and autoregulated both and sometimes pushed myself way to far and didn’t back off in subsequent workouts. The workout I did earlier was an enforced double rest pause. Tossing around some ideas here but perhaps autoregulation isn’t for us bastards that don’t know know what the word “moderation” means. An alternate approach might be to program overreaching… maybe something like this…

Week 1 - 1 activation - 1 redline (e.g. a cluster 1 shy of failure)
Week 2 - 1 activation - 2 redline
Week 3 - 1 activation - 3 redline
… repeat until overreaching starts to occur then deload

Hmm as I write this… it doesn’t sound entirely terrible.

Anyone have any other thoughts?


I went with the programmed overreaching. This week I’m doing 1 activation followed by 1 redline set. In the subsequent weeks I’ll additional redline sets. I just found a weight that I could hit for roughly 8-10 reps.

Hip Thrusts
RDL (with calves against a bench)
Hip Abduction
Seated Calves
BB Row
DB Bench Press
Hammer Curls

I’m really digging the RDLs and SLDLs with my calves against some immovable object. I’m finding that it really helps you to keep my form on point. I’ve also noticed that having really strict form on these movements is really helping with my back pain. On with block 2 of this 3 block hypertrophy series!


Usually after I workout I don’t feel that great and lifting seems like a chore more than anything. After Monday’s workout for the first time in forever (queue the music) I actually felt really good. The difference? I didn’t grind myself into paste. One extended working set (activation + 1 redline) then call it. I’m starting to realize that playing with overreaching is a fine balance between pushing yourself just enough and being able to recover that fatigue. What is sad is that you can train hard for weeks on end, take a deload week off and still fail to produce the gains you are looking for (yes it can happen). Let this be a lesson. Training hard is a good thing but you also have to be kind to yourself. Chasing tons of volume is great when you are on gear. But if you are natty and older that strategy isn’t going to work out so well. Lesson learned.

Hip Thrusts
Hip Abduction
Donkey Calves
DB Shoulder Press
Wide Grip Pullups


Hit the gym this morning, double rest pause on everything. Added weight to the items with a +

Hip Thrusts+
Leaning Hip Abduction+
Seated Calves
DB Bench Press+
BB Row+

Ditching the planned overreaching because with the stresses in my life its just too much. Find a a weight I can hit between 8-10 reps… I hit 10… add weight next time 10 lbs for lower… 5 for upper. Rinse and repeat


Simple workout, in and out. + items will increase the weight next time. Shoulder and elbow held up ok.

Hip Thrusts - 345+
RDL - 200+
Hip Abduction - number 10+
DB Shoulder Press - 45s
Chins - Body Weight


Just another routine workout (+ increasing the weight next time)

Hip Thrust - 355+
SLDL - 235+
Hip Abduction - 11+
Seated Calves - 125+
DB Bench Press - 45+
BB Row - 125+

Noticed that I’m able to recover easily between workouts with a single set and I’m not carrying excessive fatigue. For the first time in a long time the weights are starting to increase again. Considering ditching concentrated loading blocks all together and just doing a simple progressive overload.


Another routine workout, made small progress

Hip Thrust - 365 (got 8 reps, 2 more before increase)
SLDL - 245 (hit 10 reps… 255 next time)
Hip Abduction - 12 (9 reps… 1 more before increase)
Donkey Calves - 320 (hit 10 reps so 340 next time)
Bench DB Press - 50 (hit 10 reps so 55 next time)
BB Row - 125 (hit 10 reps so 135 next time)

If I feel like rest pausing I do… if I don’t then I don’t.


Another routine workout + means hit top of range and increasing weight next time

Hip Thrusts 365+
RDL 215+
Hip Abduction 13 (hit 8 reps)
Seated Calves 135+
DB Shoulder Press 55 (felt heavy)
Chins BW (felt heavy)
Hammer Curls 40 (felt heavy)

Not sure whats up… made progress in some areas… the others felt really heavy… shoulder and elbow held up “ok”