Swollen Right Leg

Hi guys, I just want to know if what I’m going through is normal. It’s my 3rd week of cycle.

Last week thursday feb 11 took a shot of test e on my right leg 250mg it was my 4th shot since I inject it every monday and thursday and it was always fine no worries however last feb 11 when I inject test e it was supposed to be on my glutes but when I tried i kind of felt that I hit a vein so I take it back and decided to inject it on my right leg however I found out that I ran out of needle to switch so I expected it’s gonna be painful and I don’t have any choice rather than driving to a drugstore to get some needles. So I inject it on my leg instead endure the pain and that day I did arms and did some legs like legs extension the next day my legs hurts and swell a little bit but I still go to the gym and hit do BACK after I did a little bit of back programs which I didn’t even have the chance to finish because unfortunately my legs got swollen not sure if it gotten worse because I did deadlifts at max 220lbs when I got home damn I can’t do much I can’t even bend legs and I have to move slowly because it hurts. Today I’m writing this it’s already monday here 12am here in my country so it’s gonna be the 4th day of this swollen leg of mine there’s no redness it’s just swollen. I’m just worried that It might not be normal cause kinda feel like sick sometimes then it will go away not sure if i’m randomly experiencing a sharp chest pain or i’m just paranoid because of what I read on google. But I don’t experience any shortness in breathing. By the way the brand of my test e is platinum bio.

A little punctuation goes a long way man. I’m having a hard time reading what you wrote.

Sounds like some crappy carrier oil like MCT. If it’s not hot to the touch and you don’t have a fever, I wouldn’t worry about it unless it isn’t getting better after 7-8 days post injection.

sorry about that, but yeah it’s not hot to touch and I don’t have any fever. I will observe first it’s just the 4th day of my right leg swelling. I just feel bad since I couldn’t go to the gym because of this crap lol

It happens. The first time I pinned UGL test prop I could barely walk for a week. Getting in out of if my car was hell. Threw it in the trash. Some of the ingredients they use in the UGL stuff is cheap garbage.

I can’t pin my legs. If I use the same needles and compounds that I inject into my glutes to also inject into my quads, my glutes are fine but my quads get swollen red and hot. I just pin glutes over and over unless I’m using pharma grade, then I can pin delts.

If it isn’t leg day get your ass in the gym. Sheesh, I don’t know how many times I’ve worked out when I could barely walk :^ /

Do a search on here for PIP. Check your vial to see if it has ethyl oleate in it.

Avoid quads, use glutes.

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haha hell yeah! that’s some motivation I need!

Is there anyway to identify what carrier a lab is using? Like MCT for example?
Anyone done a list of best to worst carrier oils? And maybe how to identify them?

People can react different to each. MCT is clear, usually in cheap UGL products.

Best ones are cottonseed and grapeseed in my option, which are both a gold color. Those are in medical grade products.

Yeah I normally rotate from glutes and quads it just that I prefer much pinning my quads because it’s easier to aim and pin but yeah maybe if im using test i’m going for glutes from now on. currently i’m taking test e 500mg a week / tren e 150mg a week / (dbol 30mg a day for 4 weeks)

yeah I’m currently experiencing this, in and out of the car was hell. today is the 5th day of this leg swelling but yeah I feel like it’s already improving and not too sensitive anymore to touch. I think I’m ready to hit the gym later lol