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Swollen Painful Injection Site

I should have known better…I have a bottle of Test from a HRT clinic a few years ago, and back then I was injecting glutes and Id get a red rash and it would feel like it solidified into a golf ball in my butt cheek the next day…so after 3 injections I said screw this and thankfully had a new doc and was getting my Test from a chain pharmacy, name brand. No problems ever.

Well since I decided to try the Test SubQ, which before on the road traveling I have if I only had slin pins Ive done(since I read on here on the HRT forum guys do it).

Well I dont want 7cc of Test to go to waste, figured if something was odd with the HRT clinic commpound pharmacy test, maybe I could SubQ it and use it up…wrong, left side of my abs are swollen and feels like a hard lump in there, painful to touch. Last time I used it I think it took about 3-4 days then it went away from my glute, so now I imagine I got a few days of a pain and swelling to suck up. Wondering if that means the Test in it isnt getting absorbed.

Guess I will have to toss the 6-7cc left I have of this 300mg/mL Test E…hate doing it but golf balls in my rear or swollen lopsided looking midsection with pain now is not cool.

What the hell could it be they put in there that makes it turn skin red, cause swelling, and feel pain to the touch?

How much did you shoot ?
If I shoot .5ml in my belly with a 29g slin sometimes I will get a lump after a few days.
Its red and a bit swollen for a few days after that, if you rub it thinking you can help dissipate it
it usually makes it worse.

Don’t read too much into this, but its a great guide.

Yeah read the stickies…

Read them again yea, I think a few years ago when this happened in my glutes I thought it was the BA. Ive done so many shots the past 3 years and never an issue with anything other than this one vial of Test…and its the same reaction everytime…guess I need to throw it away as much as that pains me!

I shot 1/2cc, which I have done before with name brand chain pharmacy Test. Not a problem at all, no pain, no lump, no swelling.

These morons must have made a bad batch of gear, really bad batch!

Stick to pharm brand Test from chain pharmacies and never again a compounding pharmacy