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Swollen Lymph Nodes From Lifting?


Hey guys, I just have a quick question. For the past 3 or so weeks I have noticed I have a swollen submental lymph node.

Thats the one about 2 inches down from you jaw point. Its like a little pea or pebble. At any rate, I have noticed that every time i do my deadlift or antoher heavy lift, I really clench my teeth together and then I will have a very stiff jaw, and the next morning my jaw will ake a bit.

So is there any way the swollen lymph node is caused by this? Anyone else have experience with this problem? thanks guys


is the node on one side or both? is it new? it isn't uncommon to be able to feel a node. if it is painful or large it can be infection. it would be wise to mention it to your doc next time you are in to be sure it isn't anything worse. I can't imagine that it would be related to straining though.

Sounds like you are doing a job on your jaw though. I was having jaw pain occassionally and my dentist told me I was grinding or clenching my jaw at night and I had no clue. he could tell by looking at my teeth. Sorry that probably isn't much help. best wishes.


its actually the submental lymph node, its right under your chin, not off to either side, but ya, my side jaw ones aren't swollen, its weird.


I don't think the lymph nodes are from lifting. You better get that checked out.


Yes. In my case, I was clenching my teeth so hard that they eventualy split.

The swelling in the lymph nodes was because of an infection in the broken teeth.

A bite piece helps, but you should go to a dentist to get them checked, filled, fitted for a mouthpiece, and antibiotics if necessary.


Best. Post. It may very well be an infected tooth. This could lead to very severe problems if the swelling crosses over to the other side possibly leading to obstruction of the airway. Go see a dentist. They can refer as needed.