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Swollen Ligament/Something in Groin


Hello. I have a swollen vein or ligament in my upper inner thigh. It feels like a small tube and is approx 4 inches long. It's a little sensitive to touch but not painful when moving around. Any ideas on what this could be?


post pics or it didn't happen


Thrombophlebitis of a portion of the saphenous venous system comes to mind. This needs to be evaluated by your physician to rule out concomitant involvement of the deep venous system (ie, DVT). Your physician may also decide to evaluate you for a coagulopathy.


3 days, no change. Except the ache seems to have moved up to my hip area.


Not to be alarmist, but the fact that your pain is migrating is troubling. I suggest contacting your doctor's office today to see if they can squeeze you in before the weekend. If they can't, consider getting evaluated at a local Urgent Care or ER.