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swollen left arm

i just started lifting again earlier in the week and i did chest and tris 2x and back and biceps 2x and shoulders and legs 1x, 5 days. now i took a 2 month break from lifting and i have been lifting for the past 1.5 years. my problem is my left inside lower bicep by the bend of the elbow is really really swollen. its been 2 days that ive had this and its concerning me. i know i didnt tear anything, just that my arms are sore, but it looks weird and i was wondering what to do. im taking glutamine tabs and theyre helping with soreness, but what should i do about the swelling? ice? thanks in advance

Did preacher curls make up a significant portion of your bicep workout? I’ve gotten really intense cramping and soreness down in that part of my bicep to the point of not being able to move when doing intense preachers. You probably just strained something but I wouldn’t rule out a partial tear. Is your arm also black and blue in this area? You might try icing it a couple of times a day, do a self massage with your other arm and take some fish oils or anti-inflammatories. Next time you train back or arms definitely make sure you don’t jerk at the bottom portion of the movement.