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Swollen Bee Stings


Yesterday afternooon I was stung by a wasp of some sort. At first it stung quite a bit and it had been YEARS since the last time I was stung. This wasp or yellowjacket really got my forearm. Today is my day off and tomorrow is deadlift day and as of right now, it's not happening.

My forearm is swollen as hell and red all over. So far today I have taken 2 caps of Rhodiola Rosea and 2x2 caps of Benadryl...

The swelling is not letting up but the stupid part is, I don't know much about bee stings and took me about 5 hours to realize I to take ths stinger out...

What should I do next? I want to train in less than 24 hours.


Desinfect and use medicine against those kind of allergies.


Epi Pen straight to the jugular.
If you don't have one take it from that kid with the peanut allergy down the street.


You were almost funny.


I was stung by the bee on the forehead a few years back. I swelled up pretty good. The best thing you can do is just take benadryll and wait for the swelling to go down in a few days.


Totally thought this was a "traps" thread.


Wait... you said it was a wasp or yellow jacket, right? Well only bees leave a stinger behind. Yellowjacks and wasps do not, and can sting repeatedly.

If you removed a stinger, it was most likely a bee.


I had a reaction to yellow jacks when I was a kid, I had to go to the ER and they shot me up with something. I walked into a nest in the woods and was stung many times. I grew out of the allergy and have been stung a few times in recent years.

All of the above advice is good. For swelling ice helps quite a bit. My son just got stung a week ago and it worked well.



Iron Dwarf is right, never the less, you are allergic and the only thing you can do is take Benadryl and rub on Hyrocortisone cream. Itches like a bitch, don't it? I'm allergic to Yellowjackets and when I get stung I have to miss work simply because it itches so bad I'm literally going insane. In 13 years with this company that is the only thing I've missed work for.

Even if you are as bad as me, you should still be able to get your DL work out done. For me, using my brain with this kind of reaction is impossible, but being physical is a welcome distraction.

Do your best to avoid getting stung in the future. Each time will get worse and I would assume at some point it would get bad enough that you have a systemic reaction and would require an Epipen and maybe hospitalization.


LOL it was one of them. I mentioned wasp of some sort because I thought wasps were the craziest... I noticed a little black dot on my arm and picked at it until it went away.. assuming it was a stinger.


The worst part was the swelling. My whole forearm was so swollen, I couldn't use the arm to drive so no I couldn't DL... And there has been abosolutely no itching whatsoever. Just swollen and red as hell... it's gone down a litle today. I can barely grip the fridge door.


I get the swelling & redness, although, I imagine my swelling must not be as bad as yours. Itches like hell and lasts about 3-4 days.


I am a bee keeper, and the stinger left says it was a honey bee. I go out at the start of each year to get a few stings. The old saying "that which will not kill you makes you stronger". The best thing to do is put ice on it the first 4 hours, do not pull the stinger out, scrap it out at the angle it went in. The sting gives off an odor which other honey bee will come to help string the invader of the hive area. I have found this odor stays around for 2 to 3 days, so it is easy to get hit again. I had bad joint pain from over lifting and got hit 4 times in that elbow, the pain from lifting went away I call it bee acupuncture.