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Swollen At The Gym


not sure if this has been posted already


Ha thats funny in a retarded sort of way..The guy at the end must have thought that he was going to steal his bar lol..

edit..oh I didn't see that he put his 'balls' on the other guys face just has he was going to bench.


Lol the guy on the incline was about to throw down.

Didn't think it was that funny.


yeah I didn't really laugh, my daughter who's 14 loves that clowns youtube channel he always does hidden camera crap, but its stupid, and doing it at the gym, the last guy should have hit him


^^ Ahem, my ears are burning!


Man, he's lucky he didn't get killed, especially with the guy at the end or the blacks.


Wait, that was suppose to be funny?


no, it ain't funny by any measure.. so jackassy and old!