Swollen Ass! Sust 350. OUCH!

Did a shot 22 gauge needle 1” long sust 350 dragon pharm. now my ass is swollen. I’ve had pip now. But never where my ass is deformed or swollen real bad like this. Been sick last 2 days as well. Any suggestions? Test shot into fat? Now dispersing into fat? Let me know any thoughts. Thank y’all

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happened to me far too often last cycle

You figure out what it was? Bunk gear? Only thing that helps is Tylenol and a hot epson salt bath. A bit of cbd/thc oil as well.

Not really, I think I’m just sensitive.


  1. That’s a harpoon. You’re pinning with a massive needle, it’s bound to hurt.
  2. Sust is more painful because prop is painful. Reason #347 why sustanon is the dumbest steroid available.
  3. Concentrations above 300mg tend to hurt more because they contain more solvent. It would be strange if you didn’t get pip from that particular product.

I’ve always used 22 but just got 23 to see how that works. I like sust. It’s given me massive strength and size gains. I understand what you mean though. Like I said I’ve had pip. Never been worried. Had a few knots and a few days of discomfort but can’t be strong and a pussy at the same time. Just when it’s three quarter ass check swollen it’s a bit over whelming lol. Here’s my advice to me. DONT BE A PUSSY.

Just so no one can’t beat me to it!

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C’mon wimps :smiley: It can happen anywhere I guess.

I always pin 2ML of compounds in each my quads with 23G needle.

Always hear everyone complain about quad injections and how it hurts lol, I got no issue with it unless i pinned wrong, same with glutes.

Sore for 2-3 days thats it, sometimes swelling, i guess it depends on if the location was spot on or not.

I use Sust for trt (pharma grade 250) quite regularly get lumps at injection site - had a fair few golf ball sized lumps in glutes even with 0.5ml injection - in process of switching!

Think he’s more concerned about the swelling than the pain!

Well depends on what kind of swelling it is, quite common to have irritation or swelling once in a while.

Unless there are bulges sticking out or discoloration then I would be worried too hehe.

Like I said. Lumps and minor swelling is typical of high MG gear. Ran it and had it dealt with it. BUT not an ass check that looks like a nerf ball is stuck under the skin. Yeah think I shot my 2ml in my ass fat not muscle. This is day 5; swelling is still there but pain is down a lot compared to previous days. Did swats this morning to try and work that oil into the muscle. 500lb swat was a bit challenging with one glut, body aches and fever.

You neglected to mention body aches and fever. You could possibly have an infection?