Swollen Ankles

Hello guys,

I’m 5 weeks into my first Test E cycle at dose of 500mg/week. I added 30mg of Winny into my first 4 weeks. Finished Winny this week and feel very good in general. Weights in the gym are going up in crazy way. But I have a small problem.

Somehow this or last week, I noticed, that my ankles (especially area under my inner side of ankle) are swollen. Not seriously but it’s noticable. I also gained 10 lbs until now. I don’t how much of that is water. I was hoping that some of these gains are newbie gains because as this is my firstie, I could response good to that small dosage of Winny and Test E could kick in faster than by regular users.

I was advised to start without AI and watch how I respond to that dose and add it in case. I had my BP checked 3 weeks into the cycle, it was perfect, but it was before I noticed this swelling. I want to get it checked again asap. I have clean diet with pretty low sodium and I drink ~3/4 gallon of water per day (my nutritionist told me that 1 gallon of water intake could be too much to handle for kidneys). My nipples are OK, no sensitivity or itchyness etc.

Did anyone of you have such problem? I read something about sign of heart failure but I don’t want to panic.

Thank you guys

How are your joints?

Water retention could be caused by elevated oestrogen. You could get some blood work done to confirm this or start taking an AI to see if symptoms subside.

My joints are absolutely fine, I didn’t feel any dryness or ache even on winstrol but that 30mg/day dose was pretty low I think. I can get the bloodwork and BP check done but oestrogen will be elevated for sure. The question is how much is too much since classic boundaries are unusable now, right?

I can start using AI. But as I feel absolutely no other negative effects is that little swelling somehow dangerous? I also drink 0,75 gallons of water per day. Maybe I should first increase the water intake, maybe the body is trying to hold more water because I don’t give him enough.

Start your AI, increase your water, watch your salt. It’s edema caused by the test.

Btw your nutritionist sounds ignorant.

Another thing that helps is to drink iced green tea, though even regular tea and even black coffee helps. Dandelion is another option. The first time I got stolen ankles - I woke up after a night were I was drinking and noticed the marks/swelling above my socks and freaked out a bit thinking my heart or liver was failing lol.

Thanks guys, first of all I increased my water intake to 1 gallon and swelling disappeared. I also had my BP checked multiple times and always very good.