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Swollen Ankle


so heres my story. i do powerlifting, it was just another leg day. did my squats, good mornings, hack squats, some leg curls, then decided to do some calve raises on the leg press for some reason. next day my ankle felt a lil sore but nothing out of the ordinary. few days later i got a new job at a warehouse working 12 hour days starting at 5 in the morning. it was hard for me to adapt to this sleeping pattern so i was only getting about 3 hours of sleep tops every night. i worked all week, and after each day my feet hurt a lil bit but didnt seem that bad. few days go by, my ankle starts hurting like hell, still worked through it tho.

a few days ago i was at work, and after about 8 hours, i couldnt walk at all. the pain in my ankle was so bad, it was a 10 out of 10. the slightest amount of pressure would bring me the most intense pain ive ever experienced. i had to leave a few hours early, limping out of work. when i got home i took off my sock and my ankle was bright red. i iced it all night and even got the chills cause the pain was so great.

i saw the doctor the next day, and the red rash on my ankle spread up my heel and down my foot, and the pain was worsening. now the pain is shooting up my entire leg. the doctor says its Gout, which according to the doctor is caused by a high protein diet. however it sounds like bullshit to me, my theory is i got a minor strain in my ankle from the calf raises, then from lack of sleep and being on my feet 12 hours a day, it developed into an infection.

any thoughts? has this ever happened to any of you? i just want to know whats wrong with my ankle


Did the doctor do any tests for gout? If not, I would recommend you return and just ask for the tests to be done.

In all honesty, from the description of your symptoms and from your timeline it doesn't sound like the swelling/discoloration was caused by a muscle strain and I have never heard of a muscle strain developing into an infection. Could you have contracted an infection, it is possible but the strain would not have developed or turned into an infection. I would lean either towards gout or an infection being the cause of your ankle issues. In either case, you need to find out what it is and get on the right course of medication to take care of it.


Yea i got some blood tests done, pretty sure its gout though cause i ate some beef yesterday and 2 hours later i had another attack in my ankle and couldnt walk cause the pain was so severe. havent eaten any beef today and so far so good. i love steak and it sucks i cant eat it as much but my spirits are still high cause i needed to clean up my diet anyways so this condition will actually help me stay more disciplined with my training.


You may want to discuss your options for medication with your physician. Depending on the severity of your case of gout, you can still enjoy beef, meats, etc in moderation while on certain medications.