Swollen and Painful Thigh After One IM Injections

I had backfilled an insulin syringe then injected to my thigh but before pressing the plunger I tried to pull it back a bit to see if it is not in blood vessels but it refilled a small bubble of air while it was in my thigh .
I thought it would not be good idea if I take the syringe out and get rid of the air and then inject so I injected 0.3 mL testosterone with that small air bubble and I thought because it’s IM injection that much of air should not be dangerous.

However after the injection, under that spot of my thigh started being swollen and painful. I have had few injections so far but none of them caused this issue .
I think it is because of air injection to the muscle and another mistake that I had was I ran hard on this issue for first 2 days and then stopped running, it’s been 4 days and it is still there.

Like 3 to 4 cm around the injection spot is swollen deep under my skin and the swollen height is like 1 cm. , no bruising or other symptoms. I am really scared that I hurt myself and it may cause tumour or other issues.

I have had not used any medication so far , only ice pack, I can not discuss it with my GP because he does not know I have been splitting the 250 mg prefilled testosterone and from now on he would tell me come to me to do injection and then I have to inject the 250mg at once.

Please give your advice

Is it normal and has it happened to you?

Have you had this experience?

Would it go away?

What kind of medication I can use for the swollen?

Please give your advice

Try not to worry about it for starters

Is it normal and has it happened to you?


Have you had this experience?

Yes, now and again your body will be aggrieved at being stabbed with unnatural objects and substances, totally normal

Would it go away?

Yes but it might be a few days

What kind of medication I can use for the swollen?

The usual NSAID’s?
The last time this happened to me i used Cloveoil on the swelling, that helped a lot

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Thank you

I have done injections for 12 times now but it was first time this big swollen happened

I used celebrex 100 mg few minutes ago for first time in 4 days , hopefully it goes away

Make sure you inject slowly because there’s no need to rush it. Also, stop worrying about the small air bubbles in the syringe, it’s not like you’re injecting directly into a vein.

When I was on injections, sometimes I would get a small raised bump from the injection from time to time.

People still doing thigh injections sounds insane to me in 2022, yes I know someone here will come and say they been doing it for years.


Insulin syringe in thigh? Sub-q I presume…
I prefer the upper thigh, grab a layer of fat and inject there.

Quad injections have left me days-weeks without walking properly lol
Once you find the safe regions, injections become much easier.

Swelling and redness etc is all normal, if you feel a fever, dizziness etc, go to the ER or doc.

There’s too many nerves to hit in the thigh.

I have been doing it for years.

Well, I did it for years when my gear usage was… higher.

I just hope more people love themselves enough to pick way easier and better spots.

Bodybuilding and powerlifting are about pain and suffering.

To achieve an impressive physique you better like pain and have some masochist in you.

Also at a certain level of gear you use all the spots…

One pain and suffering has nothing to do with the other.

I disagree.

If you have ever taken enough gear to use all the spots - you know pain and suffering well.