Swoley Trinity Podcast Discussion

Hey Paul, hopefully you are okay with this - I dont really go on any other boards so if there is an official place to discuss this podcast please let us all know. I wanted a place to talk about these podcast episodes though and many of us only post on T Nation

Many of you may not know Paul has a podcast that he co hosts with other well known lifting personalities Scott Stevenson and Alan Aragon. They tend to run a little long (the first 2 episodes are both > 2 hours) but as one might expect with this crew they go very in depth with both in the trenches knowledge and “the literature”

If you’re looking to add this to your podcast feed you actually have to search for “Advices Radio” and look for the episodes in that feed.

Episode one starts with a 30-40 minute discussion on Alans recent venture into getting off alcohol, and then a discussion about flexibile dieting, aka IIFYM. The most important piece of information in this episode concerns learning which of the hosts can pound the biggest meat.

Episode two is a deeeeep dive on all things keto - What it is, what it isnt, what it does and doesnt do, who its good for, and exogenous ketones. Scott and Paul role play giving a client a diet and how to tweak it. Finishes up with a quick discussion on EMG studies and information.

Edit - Adding links to the shows:

Youtube Playlist

Website Listing

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Upcoming episodes I’d like to hear you all talk about are perhaps a round table about your recent thread on the “main driver of muscle growth” (volume, intensity, frequency, progressive overload)

And I’d also like to hear all of your thoughts on fasting - What are the proven benefits of different types of fasting (intermittent, full day, multi-day), what are the inferred benefits (not fully proven by direct study, but can be inferred or implied from “bro science” or other science we know) and are there any benefits that arent proven but the community thinks are likely benefits.

I’ve enjoyed the information and presentation of the first 2 episodes, keep em coming.

I appreciate that you’re tuning in.

We’ve actually got a long list of topics already in the books we will be covering, but I will keep those in mind f or future episodes.

Our goal, is to give a lot of fact driven content, to do a good job of dispelling a lot of myths (some even driven by “science”) and to just be entertaining.

We just wrapped up episode 3 yesterday. Covering red meat and the carnivore diet.

Some upcoming topics will be -

Transgender athletes and the science behind their advantages (men competing as women, basically)

Does a natural guy need to train different than a guy on the sauce

Set points - How important they are in body composition and in life itself (this has a segue into the value of negative/positive interactions within our personal relationships I think everyone will find interesting)

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cool, looking forward to it

Thanks been looking for this and couldn’t find it. Didn’t know it was under different title

It’s on youtube on the Advices Radio channel as well.

I just watched episode 2 on The Swoley Trinity and absolutely loved it.
Very informative especially on carb cycling which I struggle with and have realised I don’t have enough post training carbs. So for that I thank you!!!

Yeah I thought the Keto talk was interesting, especially the part about eating carbs such as a burger with a bun… I think in my mind, and many others, keto means NO carbs and a burger bun would be waaaaay off the diet, but Alan I think it was said some people can have up to 100g an still be in ketosis.

I still think it’s going to end up being a “fad diet”, in so far as it’s goung to have a spike in popularity, but it still is a legitimate diet especially for medical reasons. Just because it’s legit doesn’t mean it can’t be a fad.

Diets only become fads because of social influencers. Sometimes we are all sheep when it comes to eating habbits.

Keto is not a fad. As we said in the podcast it’s been around for almost 100 years.

Sure, I just mean that it’s going through it’s 15 minutes of fame with the gen pop, and 5 years from now 90% of people currently on it (particularly for fat loss purposes) won’t be.

Its always going to be around, just not at its current popularity.

Episode 3 is out everyone, going over the ins and outs of the carnivore diet and the pros and cons of different types of meat. Is red meat the best for lifters (and are it’s advantages really all that big?), or do the hots like other sources?

I listened to this one a few days ago. It was really good. Unfortunate Scott didn’t get to chime in as much from the airport.

I eat red meat mostly cause I need different flavors. Chicken gets old for me.

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I was surprised to learn the Creatine and Omega 3 info. Not that I rely on meat to fill my creatine or Omedge 3 stores, but the numbers were startling.

I too eat mostly red meat and fish, but thats just because I dont particularly enjoy chicken unless its in something. I’m actually trying to go “mostly vegetarian” these days anyway, so less and less meat as time goes on.

Did your sound file go for like 2.5 hours but the show itself was only 90 minutes or so?

I actually watched it on YouTube so video ended when it was supposed to. I listened to the first 2 on pod casts and it went fine.

Yeah those numbers were crazy but makes sense. It’s basically what they were saying, red meat has a connection with ppl that says “manliness”. Honestly a nice lean steak is one of
My favorite meals. As I sit
Here with two new temp crown on opposite sides of my mouth I won’t be eating any steak for a couple week at least