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Swoley Trinity Evidence Based Training

Paul - During your opening remarks to Brad Schoenfeld (Swoley Trinity ep 06) you started off by complementing his emphasis on what it means to be “evidence based”.

You said that you still had some related graphs that he’d put out that made sense to you.

Can you please share some of those graphs here if possible?

That’s what evidence based means.

So when the dudes on the net start claiming that something is “science” they are often just referencing studies without the other “bubbles” there.

Brad even made mention that evidence based is NOT just referencing studies. That’s a very incomplete way of looking at things. You need all of the factors there for it to truly be evidence based practice.


Thank you. It’s been a while, are you guys doing any more podcasts?


No, not with Scott. Alan and I may do something in the future.

Well I am sure I’m not alone when I say I hope you and Alan carry on. But may I ask why the short run with the “trinity” of you three?

Scott McNally is the one that dropped the podcast.

The stuff with Scott Stevenson ended up being a mix of not working well personally and professionally. Let me just say that I don’t enjoy being micro-managed and am not a fan of anal retentive OCD types.

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That’s a drag but I appreciate your willingness to answer the question. I suppose that’s the double edged sword of working with groups, which I know well in my own profession. Thank you.