Swole's 7 Day & Diuretics

I have to do a photo shoot in a couple of weeks and am going to try Swole’s 7DTUL to get as shredded as possible. This is my first time cutting down this low, and I have some questions about diuretics for anyone that has been through this program, or anyone else who has experience with contest prep.

  1. In the article, Chris mentions using dandelion root and/or B-6 as a diuretics. Can anyone recommend dosages of each (info on bodyweight below).

  2. Any other suggestions for diuretics?

Also: there have been numerous posts about both creatine and milk causing increased ‘bloat.’ Re: milk. I’ve never really not had milk in my diet, so I’m really unsure how it affects me personally, so I’d like input about others regarding their experience with removing it from their diet. As for creatine, I understand it will cause increased intracellular water retention within the muscle cells, but what effect does it have on water retention in other parts of the body.

Should I drop either or both from my diet in the week leading up to the shoot?

Personal info:

I just did a write up for a Kinanthropometry lab the last week, so I’ve got pretty good data on my proportions:

Ht: 176 cm (about 5’9")
Wt: 85.6 kg (about 189 lbs)
Skinfolds: TCP-4,SBSP-5.5,BI-2.5,ILCR-7,SPSP-6,AB-6.5,FTH-6.5,MCF-6
Sloan: 4.7%
Yuhasz: 5.58%

This was about two weeks ago, and I’ve dropped to about 183 lbs since I started cutting. My serratus anterior and obliques are pretty defined, but I’d like to get as ‘sliced’ as possible.

Thanks in advance for the help.