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Swoleheim is Coming From The Grave [23 Y/O Doggcrapp]

Slipped up on diet last 3 days but I believe it helped my metabolism, 198 weight, recomping going good almost 2 months in 4 weeks of cut left


Morning weight 195 down another 3 to 5 pounds body is showing it still running a rest pause workout with stair stepper as cardio

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Metabolism shot through the roof due to last weekends reseed, currently sitting 191 pounds, 21 pounds down since 6 weeks ago

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Let’s actually talk about my plans now.

Calorie counting hasn’t been done in a couple of weeks will start back up today with it shooting for 2000 calories in a deficit started the cutting sarms almost a month ago been on for 25 days and lost a good amount of weight. Currently sitting alittle fluffy due to holding water and bloat. I’m 192 on a completely empty fasted day but currently 199 this AM, been going to the gym 5-6 days a week with 4 of those days having 1.5 miles of stairstepper (30-20 minutes) strength has steadily rose since starting almost 2 months ago, the strides I have made to my physique in the last few months has been absolutely mind boggling and it’s just the start. I believe I will be bringing around an awesome physique in the next 6 months and hope you all follow my journey, the support and love I have seen has really helped me stay level headed and motivated throughout this cut. Little slip ups here and there but overall I am happy with my progress thus far.

Thank you guys for reading and following me.

Top pictures are a month ago bottom pictures are today

Oh and supplements I’m on rad140 20mg, ostarine 25mg, cardardine 20mg, m stak from animal daily, creatine and lglutamine 5 grams daily, and using HUEL meal powders in the AM post workout. Have only been losing weight and gaining lean muscle in this cut the sarms definitely are doing what I wanted which is keeping me anabolic and refusing my muscles to go catabolic one of the only “cuts” I’ve done where i haven’t lost a large amount of muscle. (Last cut was 4 months and I went from 233 to 185 basically losing 10 pounds of lean body mass)

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Morning weight 200, body has almost done a full 180, 4 weeks left of cut switching compounds after week 4

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