Swoleheim is Coming From The Grave [23 Y/O Doggcrapp]

Swoleheim here, long story short I have been out of the gym for 2 years but a consistent lifter my whole life, use to compete in AAU powerlifting youth and teen division, leanest I’ve ever been was 157 at 6% heaviest was 243 at 20%.

I will be running DOGGCRAPP training Monday Wednesday Friday with cardio before my sessions, diet is pretty standard pushing for 1800 calories, I will be sitting in a deficit for the first few weeks of training just to see how my body will recover then adjust accordingly.

With me being out of the gym I need to get a feel for the numbers I can toss around but other than that this style of training has always done wonders for me.

Currently keeping things low and tight gonna try to keep as much muscle on the bone and see how things go, this will be the place I keep my training regiment stats and progress.

The food focus is whole foods carbs will be kept around 90 to 100 grams a day FIRST MEAL is only a meal with carbohydrates. I am doing a gram of protein per pound 60 grams fats currently 207 pounds. I know the diet looks like cat naps to some of the people eating on here but I would like to experiment with myself a little more this 4th time around, I think 2 to 3 meals a day will suffice but we shall see. Macroing has never been an issue for me but in past years I would consume so much food that my digestion would turn into garbage and leave me force-feeding myself for days on end. I naturally have a low appetite sometimes no appetite at all, I am expecting this to change as training ramps up and I fall back into my old metabolic state, but until then I will be regulating my food intake and slowly ramp up meals if needed. sticking to things that digest quickly like fish eggs and shakes, a late-night meal will be a slower digesting protein with a large number of greens for fiber and vitamins and some sort of fat (added oil like macadamia nut or whole nuts like pistachios/cashews/almonds and possibly lentils/beans of some sort). The after-work meal will likely consist of vegetables, chicken/lean beef with egg whites. ALSO, cut out alcohol, and weed currently which is a fun one because I’ve been consistently smoking for at least 5 years and drinking since I turned 21 lol. The whole body is expected to change. Quitting vaping in a month or so as well.

Weight goal is to get around 193.
Strength and lean mass are the goals as well
Current pictures were taken 8/27
Let’s go boys!!



First workout DONE, I’m weak but not for long.
4AM FASTED cardio walking on incline 35 minutes 1.5 miles.
Workout A1
Incline bench (working set 135 RP till Muscle Failure) 15 reps
Seated Military DB (working set 25s RP till Muscle Failure) 30 reps
Dips (Working set with my 207 pound fat ass) tried for 20 reps RP w/ negatives but could only bang out sets of 3s no rest till Muscle Failure.
Wide grip pulldowns (working set 105 RP w/ negatives/static hold) 20 reps
Deadlift (working sets 145lbs for 12 STRAIGHT SET, then 195 for 8 STRAIGHT SET)

After the workout felt pretty jello in all areas I worked, post-workout meal was
55 grams protein
90 grams carbohydrates
20 grams fats w/ Greens for fiber.
One a day MEN multivitamin 890 calories first meal.

Overall I feel good with my starting point my lifts are mediocre but its only up from here. WILL update throughout day including other meals and so on.


Post meal weight
211.6 pounds 6:30 AM 8/30/2021

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Okay didn’t update every day but did track all progress, lifts are low in weight just focusing on intensity and form over weight. Currently, weigh 206 on the scale, calories are still in a deficit most days sticking to 2300-2500 calories with a 40/30/30 approach. each morning I do some incline walking for 20-30 minutes to warm up.

Workout B1 (9/1/21)
BB curl rest-pause focus on negative 20 reps 50 pounds (2 warmup sets 1 initial)
Hammer Curl SS 25 pounds 20 reps
Seated calf raise 125 SS 20 reps focus on explosion and stretch
Glute ham seated RP 20 reps 100 pounds
Leg press SS 2 sets of 8 then a WW 20 reps str8 270 pounds

Workout A2 (9/3/21)
DB bench press 40 pounds RP 20 reps
Seated MP 85 pounds
Close bench press 135 15 reps RP
hammer strength pull down 20 reps RP 70 pounds
BO BB row 145 SS 2x12 focus on contracting

SUNDAY (9/5/21)
Cardio 30 minutes walking post
hanging ab raise body weight 3x25 reps
Calf raises 145 1x25 focus on explosion

Workout B1 (9/6/21)
Preacher curl 50 pounds RP 20 reps
BB reverse curl 50 pounds SS 20 reps
Leg press calf raise 12 reps SS with 2 warmups 165 pounds
Lying leg curl 100 pounds 15 reps RP
Back squat 2 sets 4-8 with WM 135 top set (should have done more weight, my legs are not even sore.)

Even with these low weights I am pushing to muscle failure each set and I definitely go until I cannot lift it anymore.


205 today.

Pull day tomorrow :crazy_face:

205 today in the AM
Still doing cardio training 4 times a week

I believe the recomp is coming along nicely, at start of week 3 second cycle of DC training.

Finally implementing the heavy weights.

Body is recouping at end of week 3
Strengno 202.4 pounds in morning
Strength is up
Bench is 225 for 3
Deadlift is 295 for 5
Squat is 225 for 3
Barbell row is 195 for 3

Currently in deficit while on animal test stay

Starting a cutting compound in a few weeks.

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Start of week 4
Pull day
Incline press
Shoulder press
Lat pull downs
Rack pulls

Weight is 199 body recouping nicely down atleast 5% bodyfat all stats are bigger and better let’s goooo!!

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Just the ANIMAL test stack with some Cardarine at 12.5mg a day

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35 minutes of stair stepper or an hour of cardio in the morning.

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when I was experimenting with sarms I had more success when I paired the sarm with 200mg of test per week, than when I was using them alone.

research should I use test and sarms together for a better effect.

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" When the researchers combined RAD140 and testosterone, RAD140 reinforced the anabolic effects of testosterone , but reduced the androgenic side effects of testosterone on the prostate. That might mean that RAD140 can make testosterone cycles more effective and safer."

have you seen this site?


Upper current
Below 1 month ago

Current diet is at 2070 calories trying to hit 180 grams of protein but falling short about 30 grams. Will adjust diet tomorrow in free time to turn up the fat burning!! Still training DC with Push pull split

Lifts have continued to increase in weight, my strength is increasing and my overall workload capabilities. Bench is 225, squat is 265, Deadlift is 315.

Weight is 198 down 14 pounds from a month ago, I look and feel bigger imo, will continue to do cardio with a focus on intensity. 6 weeks left to get 190. Taking this :snail:

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Weight is now in a rebound possibly recouping strength and size is up fat percentage either down or relatively the same from 3 weeks ago, overall I believe I’m down 3 to 5% since start.

Progress picture 9/29/2021

Current fasted weight 200

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Weight is fluxing 200 to 197; need to increase deficit, workload is up, stopped DC training, started bro split with compound movement focus. Strength on lifts is now goal for reverse diet, 5 weeks left in cut.

Sarms are doing there job preserving muscle.

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Need some advice now, weight is rebounding to 203, only thing different is more weight lifting less cardio, calories float 2300 on heavy days at work (outside of gym) but I believe I am still somehow leaner than a month ago, what do you guys think needs to be done to increase weight loss, just keep my cardio steady? Switched to 20 minutes stairs stepper (2 miles)

Pictures from today fasted weight is 200.2

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197 this morning, shits on track 1 month in almost flying just more stair stepper now

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